What is a bed bug?

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If it were a few decades ago, it would be very unusual to hear the name of bed bugs in developed countries. However, since the 2000s, bed bug infestation has been common in places like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe. In fact, as per a study with the constant use of DIY methods, bed bugs evolved to develop resistance.

But what are they? And why should you even consider knowing about them? Please scroll down and learn more about it.

what is a bed bug

Bed Bugs: What Are They?

Surprisingly, bed bugs have been there for centuries. Although they don’t have any wings or don’t fly or jump, their narrow shape allows them to live for months without food. The fact that they can easily hide in the seams or folds of your clothes, luggage, or bags makes them even more problematic.

You will be surprised to know that female bed bugs can lay more than 100 eggs during their lifetime, usually the size of a speck of dust.

What else?

They are usually small, oval, or brownish insects that are over a quarter inch in length. But if they are adults, they would be the size of an apple seed. However, if they are in feeding mode, they mainly swell their bodies giving off a reddish color.

Experts suggest that nymphs (immature bed bugs) usually shed their skin five times before becoming adults. However, to do so, they require blood as a meal. Also, if they can nourish themselves, it will not take more than a month to develop fully.

Where Can You Find Them?

Their small tiny body shape allows them to enter your house. And their flattened bodies make it possible for them to fit into even small, tiny places, that’s about the width of a credit card. Although they don’t tend to make any nests like other pests, they live in groups. In fact, as per a renowned bed bug exterminator, since they crawl quickly over floors, walls, and ceilings, it enables them to inhabit a home quite soon without getting noticed.

You will find them hiding in places like mattresses, box springs, bed frames, thereby making it easy for them to bite humans during the night.

Why Should You be Concerned?

While having them in your house is not a sign of dirt. You can even find them in immaculate homes or hotel rooms. But since they live solely on blood, it would be a matter of concern.

Having said that, they don’t transmit any disease. But they can leave some itchy and unsightly bites. While it might seem painless at first, they can quickly transform into itchy melts within no time. In some cases, it might even cause severe allergic reactions. Also, they bite on any area exposed while sleeping. However, unlike flea bites, they don’t even have a red spot at the center.

How Can You Spot Them?

If you wake up with some itchy regions that were not there before you went to sleep, you might have bed bugs. However, that’s not the only sign of bed bug infestation. Other signs include:

  • Bloodstains on your bed sheets or pillow covers.
  • Rusty spots of excrement on mattresses, clothes, or walls.
  • Fecal spots, or shed skins, or shells.
  • Musty odor.

In The End- Call an Exterminator

If you suspect bed bugs are inhabiting your house, it would be a better idea to call an expert exterminator to take care of this situation.

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