Ways to Tackle Storage Issues When Moving to Another Place

Last Updated on May 24, 2023 by Kravelv

Moving is never comfortable whether you are moving from one room to another, one home to another, or from one city to another. It always requires planning and preparation. Before proceeding, it is always best to know about the space you are moving in to understand how big it is and how accommodating it will be for your belongings.

Moving to a new home can be exciting, hectic, and stressful. However, the challenging part of moving; is packing, shipping, and placing your stuff with no damage. Many people make a mistake and leave the packing at the last minute. However, this doesn’t seem right because, in the hustle of preparation, they toss in the things and get stressed out. It is imperative first to have your organizational strategy. For instance, it would be best to first pack all fragile items like your dishware, decoration, mirrors, chandelier, electronics like LED and sound system, etc. These are delicate and require handling with caution, so it is better if you pack them in sturdy boxes.

Moreover, it is ideal for labeling the boxes, and in what order they are going to shift to the next place. One of the best steps in packing while moving is to downsize. Downsizing is very tricky, but it is essential because if you don’t get rid of the things you don’t need anymore, you will end up paying extra for moving boxes that you will soon discard and waste time in packing them. Though, it is better to categorize your stuff in 3 groups; donate, keep, and discard. If you have less time for packing and moving, it is ideal to go for self storage facilities for your belongings and keep your stuff in a unit for as much time as you want.

Moreover, moving from one place to another is quite a challenge, especially if you areĀ movingĀ interstate. You might have to face some storage issues; however, there are ways in which you can tackle your storage problem.

Categorize Your Belongings On Need Basis

Before moving to a small place, it is essential to make a list of things you need the most. Think of it as you have lost every possession in your house and enlist the things that come to your mind first that you miss.  Your answer to this question will help you in making a list of things you need. Make a list of things that you need urgently on your arrival.

We usually have the habit of hoarding things that we don’t need. Get rid of extra stuff and create more space for the necessities. Downsizing is a thoughtful process, and it takes time. When we come to reduction, it is essential to downsize the big stuff; for example, if you are moving from 3 bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment, then it is advised to sell the third bed as it is not needed.

Know The Size Of Your New Space

It is imperative to consider the square-foot space of your new living space. Go to the place to measure the square-foot and plan your whole furniture setup and skim through your essential and non-essential pieces. It will give you a better idea of what things you need and which items to discard or donate.

Keep The Small Stuff

It is better to get rid of small things after moving from one place to another. In this way, you get a better idea of how to place small stuff and how much space you have. Sometimes people sell or dispose of things like silverware or kitchenware before moving and then purchase them after moving because they don’t know of space in the house. As such, stuff takes less space and moving cost is not so much either, so it is ideal to shortlist them after moving according to your space and need.

One-Year Rule

We all have a thing we love or with whom we have memories, so we keep these things, thinking we will use it someday. However, if you have used nothing from the past one year, then it is less likely that you will use it next year. So if it is less likely that you will use it next year, you will never use it. It is better to sell or discard such a thing because they take unnecessary space. Like you can donate your old clothes, bags, and personal belonging or can even give away your stuff to your relatives who may need them.

Organizing Stuff

Sometimes, even after downsizing or decluttering, your home seems disorganized. It means that you haven’t figured out to put your stuff at its rightful place. When you don’t know how to organize things, you end up by putting them anywhere, which looks messy. Think of ideas to organize your belongings, make a special place for them, or buy home organizing smart tools to place things like:

  • Storage beds
  • Hooks
  • Bins and baskets
  • Hanging bike rack
  • Drawer organizer
  • Wall-mounted utility holder


Moving from sizable space to small is hard, but it also helps in clearing out unneeded stuff. Create more space for new things. However, unnecessary items quickly take place and overstuff the place, so we recommended to declutter the things with time and use small space organizing tools to place things in the right place and save space. Hence, this will help you to make your living space breathable and clean.

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