6 Ways To Fix Up Your Garden In One Week

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

Everyone wants a garden that they can be proud of, but sometimes it can be really hard to look after and maintain a garden if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. It can be an arduous job to take care of a garden because plants can grow pretty quickly and you will need to monitor them regularly to maintain them. However, there are many things that you can do to fix up your garden in a matter of days so that you can get closer to getting the garden that you always wanted.

1. Get out the paints

If you want to make your garden look fresh without doing a lot to it, you need to get the paints out and start painting. A fresh coat of paint can give any surface a lift, so whether you have a sad, old shed that has been neglected, or a drab looking fence that needs some colour, adding some new coats of paint is always a good idea. If you want to make everything look good and like it goes together, you need to stick to a theme and use it throughout your space. Most people start with a base of neutral colours like greys, beiges or whites, but you can really use whatever colours you want in your garden. However, it is a good idea to start with some basic colours as your base so that your space will look great all year long and you won’t have to repaint any time soon. Even a few pots and some old furniture can be painted if you think it will lift the appeal of your space, so don’t hold back if you think something could use some colour.

2. Prune your trees and plants

If you want to fix up your garden quickly, you need to get out the sheers and the trimmers and clean up your trees and bushes. Most plants can be trimmed easily with the right tools, and just sawing off a few small limbs or branches can make a big difference in how your plants will look in your garden. However, something that people can’t always do themselves is disposing of their offcuts once they are finished trimming their plants. For small jobs, you can just throw things away in your green waste bin, but for large jobs, you should call some green waste removal specialists like the 1300 Rubbish team. Tree and bush trimming should also be done regularly for health and safety reasons. If you let your plants grow out of control and don’t try to manage them, they may grow out of control and interfere with powerlines or buildings. So if you don’t want to out the things around you at risk, you should prune your plants

3. Plant something new

If you don’t have a lot of plant life in your garden and you want to give it a bit of a refresh, you should try adding some new plants to your space. Things you need to consider when you are buying new plants include the conditions in your garden throughout the year, the amount of care that they will need each day and if will work well with the rest of the plants in your space. From a design perspective, you need to make sure that all of your plants work well together because different plants will grow at different rates. For example, you can’t just plant a whole heap of trees right next to each other, because they will not grow correctly and start to grow on top of each other over time. When it comes to the type of plants you are going to grow, you need to think about whether the plants will be aesthetic or if they will have a purpose like with fruits, vegetables or herbs.

4. Look after your lawn

Most people who have a nice garden are pretty proud of their lawn, but sometimes if we stop looking after our gardens our lawns don’t look as good as they should. Make sure that you mow your lawn regularly will help to keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy, but sometimes you need to do more than that to look after your lawn. If you want your lawn to look really lush and green you need to give it a good water at least once a week. You may need to water your lawn less than this, depending on the type of grass that you buy, but you will need to water your lawn at least once a month to keep it looking green and fresh. You should also water your lawn at about 8 a.m. in the morning, as opposed to during the day or in the afternoon because the water will be less likely to evaporate from the soil when the sun is not fully out.

5. Get rid of bugs and pests

The more plants and trees that you have in your garden, the more you could be susceptible to bugs and pests ruining them. It is important to monitor your plants regularly so that you can make sure that no bugs or pests are eating them when you aren’t looking. Different bugs will need different sprays to get rid of them, so you will need to visit your garden shop to figure out what pest control spray to buy. If you have any edible plants in your garden that you want to protect from bugs and pests, you should try to look for more natural sprays with no harmful ingredients in them so that they are still safe for you and your family to eat.

6. Fix up your entertaining area

If you want to liven up your garden in a few days, you need to think about your outdoor entertaining area. Most people neglect their outdoor entertaining area throughout the year, and it can look a bit less than inviting when you want to use it. If your outdoor furniture is not properly looked after and stored away when it is not being used, it can start to get ruined, so you will need to replace it. Outdoor furniture retailers like Remarkable Furniture are great for people who are looking to replace their outdoor furniture because you can find pieces that are on-trend that will look in any space. You can also repaint and reupholster your old outdoor furniture as well if want to breathe new life into your old pieces, as this will give your space the lift that it needs.

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