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5 Ways To Redecorate Your Extra-Wide Windows

The quote “Eyes are the windows to the soul” is widely known and following that logic, windows are as important in any context. Enabling us to see what is beyond the viewfinder, windows provide the opportunities to see more than what we expect to see. It also goes without saying that windows are essential for every house. It serves a variety of purposes from letting the cool breeze in, to allowing you to view beautiful scenery, to even providing a bay window for you to sit and enjoy a cup of hot tea with a book in hand.

With the recent trend of bigger windows coming into observations, the challenge is how to decorate extra vast windows. The correct type of covering for your windows can easily save you time, effort, and of course, money. Therefore, it is important to invest in a well-rounded window treatment without compromising on quality.

The following are a few of the most wholesome window treatments especially catered to large windows, like extra wide blinds for instance. With the perfect treatment, your windows will definitely add a complete look with a splash of personality and practicality to your room or house.

Notes to take before investing in a covering for large windows

Although it is difficult to find window treatments in a wider variety of fabrics and cloths for large enough windows, research done correctly can lead you to discover a reasonable window treatment that is both affordable and useful for your home windows. However, making the incorrect decisions can set you back and render your window covering useless. If you live in intense weather conditions, the wrong type of window cover may even unfortunately make the surrounding temperature of your house even hotter.

To avoid such potential consequences, here are some fool-proof formulas for you to consider.

Shades for Jumbo Windows

Shades are one alternative to decorate your vast windows. All you have to do is first, fit a square of shades on your window and place them according to the width. While you are aligning your shades, ensure that they are cord-free to achieve the neat and flawless look. For extra convenience, try using modernized window shades that can be adjusted with motorized technology and enjoy the convenience to adjust them without much fuss. You can also get fully customized window shades that are based on your window. When decorating them in various types of shades, do note that you should not choose dense fabrics. For windows of XL size, you may want to play safe by choosing Roller, Solar or Cellular shades. Another tip to note is that if your window is facing directly towards the sun, you can choose to layer your covers with a room-darkening liner to ensure that light that enters your room is not more or less than the window size.

Multiple Shades

Contrary to popular belief, those with wider and longer windows will do better with a variety of small shades that are aligned across the windows. Doing it right will give your windows a whole and conjoined look while enabling the window to look fuller as well. To use this particular method, you should pick window coverings that are easier to maintain and elegant to the eyes. Take care in choosing the correct fabric as a wrong choice can make the entire look go awry and messy. To complete the entirety of this look, roller shades should be used to make the most out of the space given by your big windows.


Before purchasing blinds, you should look at where your window is located. This is because if your window is facing a bustling street, then the type of window blinds you should go for is a pair of Venetian blinds that provide you with the utmost privacy and class. However, if your window is facing a beautiful scenery of a garden or valet, you may want to consider getting a pair of wooden blinds that are customized to the size of your window. It is also better to avoid wooden blinds if your windows are situated adjacent to the kitchen or the bathroom. For the safest choice, you should go for faux wood blinds, which are PVC based window coverings that are typically moisture resistant. They are also hardy, durable, and definitely worth the investment. For huge windows, the wider slat blinds would be the optimum choice as they make cleaning and adjusting more convenient, complete with the enhancement to how your windows will ultimately look like.

Working with Pastels

Colors can be difficult when it comes to finding the correct combination that will match the interior of your house. The rule of thumb is to go for powerful shades and pastel tones if you prefer a simplistic look. Something to note is that the bigger your window is, the more attention it will grab from the people looking in. The safest bet is to use creme tinges such as muted greys and off-whites while installing a pair of shades that are sheer enough, complete with pastel drapes.

Big Canvases

For the more adventurous people out there, what’s stopping you from pairing a number of window coverings and creating a masterpiece that matches the interior of your home? To decorate jumbo windows, you can choose to pair sheer curtains with velvet valances, to create that luxurious look. Silk drapes matched with a simple metal rod can also enhance your living room, making it look more classy than it originally looked. Combining soothing earthy tones can also easily make your window stand out in the room. If most of the interior decorations and furniture in your room is wooden, try a wooden blind with sheer panels combination to make your room look more grand and spacious. For an additional foolproof tip, you may choose to pair darker window films if you have vast window blinds.


Now that you have read through the guaranteed ways for decorating your jumbo-sized windows with various types of window treatments, go on and choose the best choice for your window and look forward to having a whole new set of stylish windows in your home!

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