How To Properly Take Care Of Succulents

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Even though there are different types of plants available today, more people are choosing to grow succulents. Succulents are small and beautiful plants, making them a great option for people who only have small or tight spaces, especially when you don’t have a garden. Succulents also make great home decors as this plant comes in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures.

Taking care of succulent can be therapeutic, but do you actually know how to do it? Are you aware of the dos and don’ts when you start to grow succulents at home? Succulents are plants but this doesn’t mean that you should treat them in the same way that you treat other plants at home; succulents have unique needs that are essential to their health and growth.

In order to grow beautiful succulents and properly take care of them, take a look through the following tips (you can also find a full succulent care guide online, should you wish to learn even more about how to look after these plants):

Water Properly

Just like any other type of plant, your succulents need water to grow. However, this doesn’t mean that you should merely water your plants just for the sake of it. As stated in, there are different kinds of succulents, most of which are fragile plants. This is why you should be keen on how much water you’re going to give them.

When caring for succulents, don’t overwater them as they’ll become root-bound. Overwatering will also damage the roots of your succulents, preventing them to grow as fast. When continued, overwatering your succulents can even become the reason why they’ll die.  

Moreover, you should also water your succulents when the soil feels dry or humid. Also, take note that the soil should be moist and not too wet as this can cause the roots to decay faster.

Give Them Enough Light

Just like how your succulents need the right amount of water, these plants also require the right amount of light. Too little or too much sunlight can cause damage to your succulents, especially if they’re still new or young.

Ideally, your succulents should only have about six hours of sunlight every single day. If you’re caring for newly planted succulents, make sure not to put them in direct sunlight as this can be scorching to them. Instead, place your succulents near windows with sheer curtains or areas that have shades.

In line with giving your succulents enough light, it would also help if you frequently rotate their placements. This will ensure that all of your succulents receive sufficient sunlight and none of them will lean towards one direction only.

Get Rid Of Pests

Just like some, if not all, types of plants, succulents are also susceptible to pests. It’s important to get rid care of these pests because they’re often responsible for damaging your plants. The sooner you get rid of pests around your succulents, the better chances you’ll have in succeeding.
One of the most common pests that often damage and kill succulents are leafcutter ants. These pests can eat plant leaves and feed on roots. Furthermore, these ants are extremely hardy insects and can survive in all kinds of conditions. This being said, it’s important to know how to prevent the ants from attacking your succulents as soon as possible since they can be very difficult to treat over time.

While there are many pesticides available in the market today, it’s always best if you make one from scratch. You can do this by diluting rubbing alcohol with water and then spraying the mixture around your succulents.

Use Containers With Drainage

As mentioned, succulents are very fragile plants. The things you do (and not do) can affect their growth and health. If you want your succulents to properly grow, pay attention to the containers you place them in. Using the wrong kind of container can waterlog the soil and drain its roots.

When caring for succulents, invest in containers with drainage. If you have enough budget, you can choose to buy terra-cotta pots or manually drill holes in your containers. Containers with drainage can help your succulents grow fast as these can prevent rot and allow excess water to escape.

Use Fertilizers

The proper amount of fertilizer to give to your plants is another factor that significantly affects the health of your succulents. Fertilizers are usually made with certain amounts of nitrogen to ensure that your succulents don’t have to work too hard to break down organic matter and allow the nutrients to get into the soil.

Fertilizer is a vital part of maintaining your succulents, so make sure that you buy and use the right kind. Many types of succulents are known for being highly resistant to certain types of diseases, but this doesn’t mean that they’re immune to any other problems. When it comes to taking care of your succulents, prevention is still better than cure. So, start giving them fertilizers as soon as possible.

When using fertilizer, it’s best to use a liquid fertilizer that can be easily applied with a sprayer. Using a liquid fertilizer for your succulents will only require lesser effort from you.

Don’t Forget To Prune

An important tip to take care of your succulents is to prune them regularly and properly. Pruning your succulents is a process by which a part of a plant is cut off and a new part is planted. This allows plants to grow in the direction that you want them to go without too much hassle. Moreover, regular pruning is a great way to control the size of your succulents, shaping them for the better.

Depending on your experience, you can prune the plant by hand or you can use a pair of scissors or pruning shears. For you to easily remove dead leaves when pruning your succulents, longhand tweezers are also essential.

Think Long-Term

Although taking care of succulents can be difficult, all of your efforts will be rewarded once these plants will blossom–they’ll become beautiful and very relaxing to look at. Just like planting any type of plant, just continue to look forward so you’ll be motivated to properly care for your succulents.

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