Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Home’s Lighting

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

The lighting in our home is what sets the mood, helps manage the perception of the space and which can illuminate the style choices which we have made. If you look at a site such as Clearlight Designs you will see just how important lighting can be in the home and how we can use lighting to give the home a new look. Despite what many realize, changing lighting in the home can be relatively simple and it will make a big impression on the overall style of the space. Here are just some ways that you can simply upgrade the lighting in your home.

ceiling light

Using LED Lights

LED strip lighting is a brilliant way for you to add some serious style to your home. These detailed lights are easy to install, low cost, and look incredible. Because they are so flexible you can use these lights to line a hallway, to add beneath the bed or even to install underneath kitchen cabinets to bring some additional lighting into the home. LED lights can come with battery packs or plug into the mains.

Installing Dimmer Switches

Just about any lighting in the home can be upgraded with a dimmer switch, which will open up more possibilities. Low-level lighting can be used when you are looking to create a cozy mood, and then brighter lights can be used for different occasions. Instead of having to change light fittings or bulbs, simply add a dimmer switch and you can have the range of lighting which you need in the rooms around the home.

Layer Your Lighting

Remember that rooms around the home have multiple functions and layer your lighting to match each one. Smaller lamps accompanied by larger light fittings look great from a style point of view, and will also help you when it comes to illuminating your rooms.

Considering Colors

Many of us are guilty of selecting a single color or warmth when it comes to buying bulbs, but mixing it up can have a great impact in your house. Larger lighting fixtures should be bright but the lamps and low-level lighting around the room will benefit from a bulb that offers a warmer feel to it. There is nothing wrong with trying out different colors and tones to see which works best in your home.

Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors are the light bulb’s best friend as they are able to project their impact across a larger space as they reflect the light. Carefully placed mirrors can make smaller spaces appear larger and they can also highlight certain style points in the room. Mirrors do not need to be incredibly expensive and they are so easy to install that they are well worth investing in.

And finally, it may be worth looking to upgrade your lighting with Smart bulbs and fixtures, which can be remotely controlled from your phone. This gives you better control over the lighting in the home so, and it means that it can be changed in a heartbeat, without you having to even get up.

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