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9 Ways You Can Sell Your Home For More Money

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Selling a home is a big decision, and maximizing its value is a top priority for homeowners. If you want to sell your house, it’s the right time to do that, especially if you live in Seattle, WA. As data has shown, Seattle has become the fastest-growing big city in America, with a 2.4% increase between 2021 and 2022 in its population.

But here’s the problem: house prices in Emerald City are down 5.7%! So, you need to come up with unique ways to increase your property’s overall value successfully.

Below we’ll share amazing ideas for boosting your home’s resale value. Explore different ways to position your property for success in today’s competitive real estate landscape, such as the following:

1. Understand your local market

Increasing your property’s value requires looking into your local real estate market. Research how other homeowners in your neighborhood have sold their houses at a better rate. Visit reliable platforms like Redfin to improve your knowledge on this issue.

Navigating the ever-changing real estate market will help you develop unique ideas to improve your place’s curb appeal and grab the attention of local homebuyers.

2. Make essential bathroom repairs

Bathroom renovations can easily upgrade your house’s value. Even minor refurbishings bolster its resale value, such as replacing your outdated bathtub with a more convenient alternative. The tub vs. shower debate is very old, and different states have different preferences when choosing between these two options. Seattle homeowners, however, are an anomaly in Washington since they prefer showers, while the state is predominantly a fan of bathtubs. So, here’s your cue!

You need to invest in tub-to-shower conversions in Seattle to make the most of your limited bathroom space. Turn an idle bathtub into a stylish custom shower to sell your Seattle home for more money. It will enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any small bathroom.

3. Give the place a fresh coat of paint

You can easily enhance your house’s curb appeal by boosting its façade. Give your house a fresh coat of paint and add at least $4,000 to its overall value. Recoloring it will eliminate any dings, scuffs, or scratches besmirching the exterior aesthetics of your house.

Choose lighter colors to make your house feel more spacious and welcoming. Place life-size mirrors all through the house strategically to further expand the space in your home.

4. Invest in adequate landscaping

Landscaping can improve the value of your house by 10% and enhance its façade. Every buyer likes to see a clean patio and well-maintained lawn. It’s better to hire professional assistance to do the job, but you can always undertake small landscaping ventures DIY-style.

Some popular landscaping projects include planting hedges and installing fences to increase privacy. Add water features like a fountain or birdbath. Trim overgrown trees and bushes. Ensure the pathways leading to your home are clean and well-defined.

5. Install ceiling fans in your rooms

Many Washington homebuyers are looking to buy energy-efficient homes. As per some surveys, ceiling fans can significantly improve your house’s overall value as they lower energy bills by 30% to 40%. You should install brand-new ceiling fans in your bigger rooms and replace outdated ones to enhance the value of your property. A study shows that over one-third of realtors regard ceiling fans as a domestic renovation feature modern buyers love. It makes your house look more stylish!

6. Update the lighting

Invest in LEDs instead of high-wattage bulbs and improve your home’s interior. You can easily enhance your house’s resale value by $1,000 to $1,500 after spending $200 to $200 replacing outdated lighting fixtures.

7. Declutter your house properly

Showcase your house in the best light by adopting a minimalist approach. Declutter the house before putting it on the market by removing all the useless objects you’ve accumulated for several years. It’s time to part with your aged furniture, worn-out books, and other unused stuff. However, if there are some things of sentimental value, put them in a storage unit.

Look around the neighborhood and find some quality self-storage facilities where your stuff will go. These climate-controlled units are perfectly safe and you can keep your clutter in them even after moving out of the city. It’s a great way to declutter your house cost-effectively.

8. Contact realtors and home stagers

Hire professional home stagers to prepare your home for prospective buyers. Home-staging folks are familiar with different ways to dazzle local buyers and generate generous offers on your home. Surveys show that staged homes sell for 25% more than normal houses. Home-staging pros will help buyers visualize your house as their future home and get emotionally attached to the place.

Similarly, working with a realtor can make all the difference when trying to come up with innovative ways to increase your house’s monetary value. Local realtors advise you if it is the right time to sell, which selling platform to use, or which renovation ideas have the highest ROI.

9. Remove personal items for a while

Depersonalize your home before an open house to let buyers envisage their lives there while touring your property. Remove all personal possessions from the house temporarily and store them in a self-storage facility (if you’ve rented one) or in your basement for a while. Turn the place into a blank slate for onlookers so they can be more invested in buying your house and making it their new home.

Also, you should hire professionals to take high-quality, professional photos of your house. These high-quality pics will complement your digital marketing game and attract more potential buyers.


Want to get decent offers on your house before moving out of town? Follow the guidelines mentioned in this blog to increase your home’s resale value and fetch better prices. Invest in landscaping, home staging, and enhancing your house’s curb appeal. Also, declutter your place and invest in minor kitchen/bathroom renovations. Hire reliable bathroom contractors to install a shower in your house. These simple tips will increase your home’s value and attract the right buyers.

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