What should Consider before Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Home improvement projects such as renovating a bathroom can be very satisfying. A gleaming bathtub or shower, a new color scheme, the highest quality counters on your bathroom vanity, and the most storage you have ever had. You can also increase the value of your home if you remodel the bathroom.

The best way to ensure your bathroom remodeling project succeeds is to hire an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor.

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1. Interview Few Bathrooms Contractors

A limited collection of opinions can be gained from speaking with just one or two bathroom contractors. Soliciting bids from these contractors could result in higher bids than you expected. You can find the right contractor for your job by interviewing a greater number of contractors. Moreover, there will be a larger selection of offers for you to choose from.

2. Evaluate the Contractor’s Prior Work

Bathroom contractors typically bring a picture book or a screen to show their previous work during the interview. Contractors may also showcase their portfolio on websites or on contractor-matching sites they belong to. It would help if you looked beyond the pretty pictures to determine whether a bathroom contractor can do the job you need.

3. Obtain written estimates

Homeowners and bathroom contractors both find that verbal estimates have little value. Even in the best of intentions, numbers are forgotten, misinterpreted, or misheard. Those who write well understand estimates. A verbal ballpark estimate from a bathroom contractor is perfectly acceptable. Understanding that no one will be held to that cost estimate is all that is required of you.

4. Set up a schedule

It would be best to clarify with the bathroom contractor, before signing the contract, when the remodeling will begin and how long it will take. Time is of the essence to both parties so a contract can be executed after both parties agree. This contract principle calls for the contractor to finish the project within a specified amount of time while defining a payment schedule the homeowner must adhere to.

5. Reusing or supplying items

If you hire a contractor to remodel your bathroom, you can also recycle usable materials from your existing bathroom along with the new materials you use. Be sure to discuss this in advance with the contractor. Would you mind following the contractor’s advice regarding how to use these materials?

6. Verify credentials and licenses

There are several requirements associated with licensing or registering as a bathroom contractor, such as insurance, bonding, criminal background checks, testing, continuing education, and so forth. Licenses and registrations are typically required for members of contractor-matching services online.

7. Select the best contractor

In choosing a contractor for your bathroom to remodel, you need to weigh several factors, not just the most important factor, a low estimate. If the craftsmanship or materials barely last a few years, a cheap bathroom remodel is hardly worth the money. Instead, consider:

  • Collaboration between you and the contractor
  • Check if the contractor’s previous projects are similar to yours
  • Choosing a contractor and scheduling your project
  • Professionalism of the contractor
  • Client testimonials

8. Sign the contract

A contract should be signed once the bathroom contractor has been chosen. Both parties should sign this contract, which should contain the details of the remodel project, the cost, schedule of payments, the location, the start and end dates, and other information that both parties agree on.

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