7 Habits for a Clean Home

Last Updated on March 21, 2023 by Kravelv

Did you believe that cleaning your home in the morning time can chase your regular anxiety? You might not know how effective it is to grow new plants. Yes, building up a regular cleaning habit in the morning, like making your bed, or changing the pillow’s dirty cover, can help your brain grow. It often helps to activate your brain and minimizes sloth.

girl cleaning shelves

But the irony is many of us are unaware of this due to our unwillingness. It triggers us to build healthy habits. In that case, I can recite one of the great pieces of advice from Dr. Lisa Marsch (An expert in behavior change at Dartmouth College).

She used to say that “the first step to change habits is to create an awareness around what you wanted to do regularly.” That means a person must do and practice the habit every day, which they want to replace with the habit they want to change. So, today I’m going to show the 7 habits for a clean home every day that are effective and beneficial.

Make Bed After Waking Up

Before beginning, a healthy day, put this thing first on the list. This is the most important habit which is very effective in cleaning your home as well as removing monotony. Make your bed after waking up from a good sound sleep. Change the bedsheet, pillow cover, etc., that seems unclean to you.

Use a Basket to Store Toys, Shoes

You must use this trick if you have a kid at home. Buy some fancy baskets made of wood, bamboo, plastic, etc. Store them beside the living room or under a bench to store the ugly piles of socks and shoes of regular use. Keep one to collect the laundry stuff and another for regular playing toys of the kids.

Put Things Away As Early As Possible

After coming back from a busy meeting, party, or office, try to arrange things aside as soon as possible. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. But doing this will help you find the things when you need them again. Try to practice them, like putting your jacket on the cupboard, hanging the purse on the hook, putting the shoes on the showcase, etc.

Check The Mailbox Regularly

Do check out the mailbox regularly. It is a part of cleaning your home since they might bring a huge crash for the rest of the month. Sometimes you might miss the necessary mail letter for skipping this. Separate the necessary paper and throw away the unnecessary ones.

Clean Kitchen Sink Regularly

When you’re done cooking dishes and eating your dinner or lunch, clean the sink after every wash. Rub the sink with steel wool scrub and then rinse with water.

Weekly Refrigerator cleaning

Try to do it every week without any excuses. It gives your refrigerator to keep the grocery items fresh, bacteria-free as well as spick-and-span.

Sweep The Most Lived-In Rooms Before Bedtime

Mop most of your lived-in rooms before bedtime. Keep the toys, shoes, or blankets well-arranged. Make your office, kids’ school backpacks, and bags before bed. You’ll thank yourself the next morning for seeing its benefit.

Make these all things a habit and practice them regularly. Incorporating them into your schedule will always pave the way to having a tidy home.