Top Miter Saw Cutting Tips

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

A quality miter saw is necessary to be around the shop for various jobs like saws for cutting wood trims, trimming workpieces and to produce high-quality cuts at different angles. Following tips will help your saw enhance the quality.

  1. Cleaning up the blade:

For a nice and neat cut, the saw blade needs clean and sharp teeth, if it’s been a while you haven’t cleaned your blade its hard time to do so. Cleaning up saw teeth is easy task ever you can go for a citrus cleaner, oven cleaner or can try a product named simple green for cleaning saw teeth. After cleaning the teeth have a close look at each tooth if u find more than one or two chipped teeth its time to re-sharp the blade or buy a new one.

  1. Investment in teeth for a better bite:

In order to enhance the quality of cuts with little or no tear out, you should extravagant for 80-100 tooth crosscutting blade, surely it’s a huge investment but u will definitely acknowledge the betterment in quality immediately.

  1. Lift the throat plate:

If there is a gap between the wood and the throat plate when a saw blade is fitted down through the wood then it will leave the surface fiber unsupported. To overcome this problem use a check whether your throat plate is properly flush with the saw table if not, stick throat plate with several layers of tape to lift it up and then slice the blade through it.

  1. Scraps for tear-out prevention:

Pile of scraps can be used for the prevention of tear out by placing a long scarp of hardboard on the table and another scarp against the fence the scarps should be wider and taller than the piece you are working on so that it can give ideal support now holding both together cut through them u will be amazed at the quality of the cut.

  1. Adding wood fence:

Cutting small pieces is most dangerous action do in miter cutting because you are never sure where the piece will end up but this problem can be easily resolved by adding the auxiliary fence which helps keep the cut-off from falling back.

  1. Perfect cuts:

When cutting thin, narrow pieces never drop the saw blade into the workpiece too fast because it will result in a rough cut .Give the motor few extra seconds to reach full speed, and place the blade slowly as you cut.

  1. Never cross arms:

Miter saws are mostly designed for right-handed users but sometimes the material will have been held down on the right side of the blade, but the worker still uses its right hand to run the saw, but doing so will cause your left hand to cross in front of the path of the blade and that dangerous so in this situation, use your left hand to use the saw and your right to secure the material.

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