5 Must-have Power Tools and Accessories for Home Improvement

Last Updated on March 2, 2022 by Kravelv

Many people who own their own houses prefer to perform small home improvement jobs by themselves. Although time-consuming, DIY home improvement projects also come with several benefits. Spending time and effort on DIY home improvement projects can enhance your creativity and resourcefulness. DIY home improvement projects are also cheaper and give you the full control on how these projects will look. Lastly, you’ll be the boss when you make these projects.

While skill is important, the tools that are used in such projects always give the owners an advantage. The tools you’ll use for your home improvement projects can determine the quality of your outputs and the timeline required for you to complete any. If you have the necessary tools for the job, it’ll be easier and faster for you to accomplish home improvement projects. These tools can also ensure your comfort and safety when making any home improvement projects.

Also, it is always handy to keep a decent number of power tools and accessories ready. Aside from helping you finish home improvement projects, these tools can also come in handy in times of emergency repairs. You don’t want to wait for hours and call for other people to fix your leaking pipes or broken tables, right?

But how do you choose the right tools for a basic home kit? At Janeice Products Co. Inc., we get many queries from customers asking about the best tools to buy. As we provide a variety of home improvement tools and accessories, we decided to create this post to tackle this dilemma.

Five Home Improvement Power Tools and Accessories

There are certain tools and accessories that should be a part of anybody’s home improvement kit. Here are our top five home improvement tools and accessories:

  • Four-piece Combo Kit: Let us start with the basic power tools. Most homeowners require the best drill press, a cutting saw, and a few accessories. Rather than buying them separately, you can look for a combo kit with all these items. We recommend the four piece tool combo kit from our multipurpose tools category. This kit comprises a reciprocating saw, a cordless hammer drill, a circular saw, a 28 volt lithium ion charger, and a work light.

    Each tool provides numerous benefits to the user. The reciprocating saw is designed for fast cutting, easy grip, and immense control. The hammer drill provides immense torque and speed. Its soft grip reduces vibrations and user fatigue. The circular saw is constructed with lightweight components, is cordless, and has tactile grips for controlled cutting. The lithium ion charger allows for quick charging and less downtime. The work light can work for over 5 hours on a single charge.

    If you’re eyeing to buy this combo kit, make sure to spend time to read the manual included in the product. The information you can get from this material will help you determine how you can properly use, clean, and maintain your tools. As long as followed regularly, these steps will ensure that your tools will last for the longest time possible and you’ll be able to use it to make countless home improvement projects with it.
  • Assorted Jigsaw Blade Pack: If you are into wood carving, or simply perform small maintenance procedures to wooden items, you are bound to use a T-shank jigsaw tool. To ensure that you can perform a variety of jobs with the tool, the best solution is an assorted jigsaw blade pack. Generally, these packs include a variety of woodcutting and reverse cutting blades. Each blade has different teeth designs, thus allowing the user to perform different types of cutting processes.

    This pack is a cost-effective investment, especially for homeowners who are fond of renovating or working in their homes. The tools inside this pack allow you to cut different types and sizes of woods with ease while maintaining your safety.
  • Drill Bits Kit: Many times, you will require a drill and drill bits to create holes for hanging paintings or connecting wires. Drilling and fastening tools have a product that will meet these requirements – the assorted drill bits kit. The drill bits kit comprises 20 pieces, which can create holes in wood, metal, and plastic. This kit is ideal for installing cables, computers, televisions, and security systems.

    Regardless of the size and kind of home improvement project, you’ll be working on, a drill bits kit is always necessary. This compact power tool can do a lot of things, such as installing wires and hang different things inside your home.
  • Sander Bands: When you are looking at making small adjustments to wood and fiberglass designs, the most appropriate tools are sander bands from our finishing tools category. They are used to shape and smoothen wood, fiberglass, and rubber surfaces. They can also be used as rust removers, and are available in different sizes, the bands provide fine 120-grit sanding.
  • Router Bit: The straight router bit offered in our routing and trimming tools category is the perfect addition to this entire collection. It is designed for wood scraping and fast cutting. It provides smooth and balanced cutting without creating excessive vibrations.

These essential power tools and accessories are the perfect combination of home improvement projects. These products will help owners quickly and skillfully perform small, odd jobs around the house.

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