8 Power Tools That Need Expert Maintenance

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Power tools are probably one of the best investments that any homeowner makes. Having such tools may incredibly help you to get any job done in a fast and hassle-free way, but most of these tools require regular maintenance to keeping functioning well. Maintenance becomes more important if you use your power tools too often. Although regular cleaning and lubricating go a long way to keep them in their best form, there are certain tools that need an extra care. Here are 8 power tools that need maintenance.

1. Snow Blower-A power tool that needs expert maintenance

A snow blower has to do a hard job to help you get rid of the ground snow. It is always best to make it ready for use as the winter season arrives. Besides cleaning it thoroughly, you must remove any old fuel that is resting inside the tool. Carefully disconnect the line that joins the fuel tank to the carburetor. Drain the residual fuel in a pan and dispose of properly.

It is also recommended to drain the oil from the drain plug that is located at the back of the machine. Remove the spark plug and examine it to spot any damage. If you notice a damage, consider replacing it. Also, remove the debris that gets accumulated around it before placing it back. At last, check the cables and belts for any wear and tear. Replace the damaged part and tighten all the screws and bolts.

2. Maintaining a motorized Garden Tiller

A motorized garden tiller can save a lot of time and effort when you are working in the garden. Proper maintenance will not only increase its performance but also make it durable. Start by detaching the spark plug wire. Now inspect the belts for cracks. If you find glazing or missing pieces, consider replacing the belt.

The blades of a garden tiller tend to become dull due to continuous contact with small rocks present in the soil. If you notice any signs of damage, get it repaired or completely replaced. Also, check the air filters. Usually, you would require getting the air filter replaced once a year, however, if it is used less often, you may maintain it by just cleaning it.

3. How to maintain a Lawnmower

Lack of proper maintenance can cause a lawnmower to stop working effectively. All you need is a thorough expert maintenance. Always drain the gasoline at the end of every season. Using fresh gas will increase its efficiency. Remove the spark plug and get rid of clogged discharge chute by cleaning the undercarriage. Remove the debris, grass clippings and dirt with the help of a wire brush.

Check for clogged air filter and clean it or replace it. The blades are subjected to damage due to rocks and other hard objects present in the soil. Getting them replaced is important to ensure its optimal performance.

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4. Hedge Trimmer Maintenance tips

In lack of a proper maintenance, this power tool can become completely useless. After every use, ensure that all the debris such as twigs and foliage is removed out of the power tool. Clean out the blades to prevent clogging of substances. Look out for any damages to the blades and replace them as needed.

If you do not use your hedge trimmer too often, it is recommended to drain out the fuel. Lubrication is important for keeping your hedge trimmer in its best form. Besides, tighten all the nut, bolt and screws before using it.

5. Maintaining a Saber Saw

A saber saw is a powerful yet delicate power tool that makes any difficult job easy. However not ensuring an expert maintenance is not only damaging to the tool but can be dangerous too. Usually, the blades get damaged and require replacement. Make sure you always use the correct blade for the type of material you are working on, it will keep the blades from getting damaged as well as reduce any additional stress on the motor.

Don’t forget to lubricate the tool to prevent any jamming. You can do so by adding a little oil to the blade roller guide. If the carbon brushes are worn out with regular use, replace them to increase the efficiency.

6. Electric Hand Drill cleaning and maintenance

An electric hand drill is one such powerful tool that often gets neglected, however, this tool requires expert maintenance to function well. Ensure that the drill bits are always sharp. If not, get them replaced. If your tool heats up, allow some time to let it cool. Heat can overstress the motor and damage it.

Blow compressed air through the air vents and the motor to clean them. If there are stubborn dust on the fan of the engine, use a soft toothbrush to scrape them off. Wipe out all the surfaces with a clean and damp cloth to remove dirt. Use a clean cloth to apply a thin film of oil to the metal surfaces.

7. Drill Press expert maintenance tips

Maintenance of a drill press is important for its optimal functioning and preventing any damage to your workpieces. You may clean your tool with a steel wool using a degreaser. This will help in removing all the sawdust from its surface. If your tool produces an annoying noise or you experience unusual vibration, you may need to inspect the belt. Replace it if there are signs of damage.

If you notice any wobbling when the pull rim spins, inspect the screw and tighten it. If the pulley is bent, it needs a replacement. For a smooth operation of chuck jaws, don’t forget to lubricate the chuck on a regular basis.

8. Maintaining an Oscillating Tool

An oscillating tool can perform a wide variety of jobs in an easy way and is often used over and over again. It needs proper maintenance to work efficiently every time you use it. Timely cleaning and checking for damages to the power tool is one of the best ways to prevent it from breaking down. Clean the equipment using a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your oscillating tool as it may damage it and reduce its life.

Inspect for any wear and tear after every use and replace the worn out parts. Blow air using a vacuum to get rid of the trapped dust and wood chips from the ventilation opening. Tighten the mounting bolts and check for any damages to the cord and switch.


If you have any of these power tools that need maintenance, you must keep a logbook to note down important dates, so that you do not miss on the maintenance schedule. Besides, special care must be taken while cleaning and replacing the damaged parts. Always ensure that the power tool is plugged off and is cooled enough to touch before proceeding. A little effort can completely change the way these power tools perform while increasing its durability to make it last a lifetime.

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