Top Features And Benefits Of Aluminium Windows

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Homeowners nowadays are always on the lookout for the best quality and most durable window and doors for their homes. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to have to replace their doors or windows every few years. Aluminium windows have recently gained popularity. Gone are the days when they were only available in silver and required lots of maintenance. Aluminium door and window products have significantly advanced over the last few years thanks to their insulating properties and fabrication advances.

This material is now preferred over plastic, especially in modern homes. It is rare to see plastic door and window installations in modern properties. This is because UPVC does not look as good as aluminium. In modern architecture, plastic profiles are often too big to use, whereas aluminium windows offer slimmer frames. To know about the many other advantages of aluminium windows, make sure you read the rest of this article.

The finishing options

There are a wide variety of options that you can choose from in order to match the decor of your home. Powder coating provides an excellent finish to aluminium windows. Once coated, the window frame does not require re-painting.

With a large number of color ranges, you have the freedom to create the look you want by blending the colors with the environment. Some manufacturers offer metallic and pearl finishes that complement modern homes perfectly. For protection against corrosion, consider using anodising treatment, which is available in different colors. Such finishes are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

If you wish to achieve a timber look, you can opt for durable marine grade powder coatings that look just like wood but without the maintenance issues. These types of finishes never need painting, staining, or oiling. In addition, they do not release any harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Reducing carbon footprint

To do your bit for the environment, you will want to ensure that your newly installed aluminium windows produce less carbon emissions. With double-glazed aluminium windows, you can make significant savings in heating costs. Over the life of a building, the energy savings you make will outweigh the initial installation costs by 100 times. If you live in hot or cold climates, the savings you make on AC costs will be significantly high.

These double-glazed window products are thermally broken so they are combined with an isolator that offers excellent sound insulation and thermal properties. You also have a choice of glazing depending on your budget and needs. Most window manufacturers offer units that range from 24 mm to 32 mm, which are classed as double-glazed. There is also a triple-glazed option that ranges from 28 mm to 32 mm.

Different types of glass to select from

  • Argon gas filled units. This type of glass works by moving the air slowly and reducing the heat transfer from one side of the unit to the other. It is beneficial for improving and keeping the heat in your property.
  • Low soft-coated glass units. The inner panel of this type of unit is coated with low-E, which reflects heat back to your home and as a result, increases heat retention.
  • Sealed glass units. This type of glass unit is exceptional at retaining heat thanks to its warm-edge sealant property.

The traditional types of aluminium window frames are most suitable for commercial buildings, whereas the new innovatively designed units now come with polyamide technology that takes window and doors to a new level. These advanced units offer better thermal protection and are tough in quality. They also come in dual color finish for external and internal frames.

Although it is true that a UPVC window will never replicate the perfect detailing of aluminium, some people still prefer the authentic look of wood than a foil. This is why many manufacturers nowadays create aluminium frames that replicate wood.


The real difference between these window units and UPVC can be seen when you take a look at the products side by side. The welded edges of the UPVC product can be seen immediately and the difference is quality is instantly recognizable. In fact, cheap looking plastic with an infill panel is nothing compared to aluminium. Perhaps the only difference is the cost as UPVC is less expensive and does not tend to last as long.

If you are on the market for high quality aluminium windows, there are many top-rated suppliers that can be found online. Compare their prices and browse their websites before choosing the right provider. Remember that the initial cost of installation will pay off in the long run as these products are built to last.

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