Five Things To Talk About With Your Concrete Pool Builder Before Getting Your Project Started

Last Updated on March 13, 2022 by Kravelv

In-ground swimming pools can add a ton of value and appeal to residential properties. These outside features give household residents and their friends something fun to do when the weather grows hot. They can also serve as the perfect form of non-impact exercise for people who want to limit stress on their joints and bones while getting fit. If you’re currently thinking about investing in one of these popular home additions, following are five things to talk about with your concrete pool builder before starting this major home improvement project.

Talk To Your Concrete Pool Builder About The Likelihood Of Underground Obstructions

When determining the feasibility of underground swimming structures, a concrete pool builder will first need to inspect the overall layout of the land. While you might have sufficient surface space for this recreational feature, you may not have adequate room beneath the soil due to both natural and man-made obstructions. These obstructions can include, but are not limited to:

  • Tree roots
  • Invasive underground weeds
  • Gas supply lines
  • Water supply lines
  • Sewage lines leading back out of the house

If any of these things exist in the targeted area, it could be necessary to reposition your design or to decrease its overall size or alter the shape. With more money to spend, you can also have a landscape professional come in to make the required changes. In certain instances, supply lines can also be rerouted, but only under the guidance and direction of the proper authorities.

Ask Your Concrete Pool Builder Whether Or Not You Can Retain Any Of Your Existing Landscaping Features

It may be that you have already spent a lot of money designing your yard. Some people do not decide to add in major water features until all other landscaping work has been finished. When you get ready to plan this project, you will need to communicate with your concrete pool builder about the existing features that you would like to keep. These professionals are adept in installing units without disrupting the surrounding elements. Being forthright about your preferences will help you meet your goals in an easy and stress-free fashion.

Your Concrete Pool Builder Should Give You In-Depth Maintenance Instructions

You definitely want to know what type of maintenance this new, outside addition will entail. Different designs can have significantly different requirements in terms of overall maintenance and care. This is actually something you should discuss even before finalising your design selection. This will give you the chance to learn the benefits and drawbacks of different materials options including coatings, tiles and other functional and decorative elements. When choosing the exact style you want, you should be able to make a wholly informed selection.

Many companies have detailed image galleries that they use to showcase their past work. These can be toured to know more about the look of different options. Your provider can additionally show you on-site learning resources that give you a better understanding of the materials and design processes that can be used. Your foremost goal in this process is to ensure that you choose quality, long-lasting products that meet your needs, provide excellent value and fall within the bounds of your current budget. If you are forthright and willing to communicate with the company you’ve hired, you will have the best possible chance of meeting all your targets.

Ask Your Concrete Pool Builder About The Standard Work Contract

Talk to your concrete pool builder about the work contract that will be issued at the start of your job. This document should always include a solid guarantee of your satisfaction. With this document in hand, you can request reasonable improvements on all substandard workmanship without having to pay additional monies out of your own pocket. Another thing to be mindful of is the need to have project waste carted away. Reputable installers always clean up the job site, rather than leaving scraps that homeowners have to pick up and haul away themselves.


Find Out If You Can See Pictures Of Completed Projects That Are Similar To Your Own

One large part of finding the right concrete pool builder for your project is simply learning more about the artistry and skill of different professionals. The best way to do this is often by looking at the photos of past projects that many contractors and companies are currently positing on their professional websites. Most companies now have expansive image galleries that both their clients and their prospective clients can freely tour. Not only are these resources helpful for identifying the most talented professionals at a targeted price point, but people can additionally use them to get inspiration for their own water feature designs. For more information:

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