7 Awesome Ways to Use Lemon For Cleaning Purposes

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In a world full of toxic, unhealthy, and even expensive cleaning items we all strive for organic ways to clean our homes and areas all while reducing costs. With lemon having many powerful benefits, aside from being a home remedy for whiter teeth to natural treatment for cough, cleaning is one of those that have many uses besides just one.

From microwaves to toilets, lemons can help the cleanup process in your household all while promoting a healthier home and lifestyle. Here are those 7 awesome ways you can start using lemon for cleaning purposes…

  1. That nasty grill. With a simple mix of lemon and salt you can clean off any nasty residue on your grill or grate. We all know how dirty grills can get, especially when they aren’t attended to for awhile, but this simple solution will surely leave your grill cleaner than ever.
  1. That hard to clean microwave. We’ve all heard of the technique of putting some water into a microwave, turning it on for a bit, then wiping stuff off the inside. But the one issue with this is there is always this seemingly gross smell left over no matter what you try. A simple yet highly effective solution for this is adding a couple tablespoons of lemon to the mix, letting it run, then wiping things down. If you want it to be even more effective; wipe the inside down with a rag that has a bit of lemon on it for a some extra effectiveness.


  1. Degreasing your dishes. Even the toughest and most expensive dish soaps can have some issues easily getting rid of grease on dishes. A simple lemon solution is just to add a few drops of lemon juice to your existing dish soap and watch it go to work along side of your existing soap product.
  1. Freshen up the garbage disposal. Those of you who own a garbage disposal system you probably face the issue of the smells it can produce in your home. Instead of buying little scented balls to put down the drain, simply put a mixture of hot water and lemon down the drain. This is one of the most powerful and effective ways to get rid of that dreaded garage disposal stench.
  1. Clean the toilet. Not only will lemon make your toilet smell heavenly (well, more-so), it is a great cleaner and 100% safer than any typical toilet bowl cleaner that the majority of people use. All you need is ½ a cup of lemon juice, put in it in the toilet, let it sit, and then flush! It’s that easy.
  1. Window washing. This is a popular alternative to vinegar solutions because of the smell alone. If you’ve tried vinegar mixture before and couldn’t go through with is because of the smell; try putting some lemon juice in a spray bottle and watch it wash and make your windows look (and smell) great!
  1. Last but definitely not least… Cleaning up stains and getting rid of germs from cutting boards is often something we have no solution for. But until now (for you at least), believe it or not lemon can fix that too! Just wipe the board with a diluted lemon solution and let it sit for 30 minutes. When you wipe it off you will notice some stain removal and a very nice smelling cutting board. Smells like a win win to me!


There you have 7 awesome ways of cleaning things throughout your home, inside and out. These are all, for the most part, extremely easy to implement into your cleaning routines.


On top of that, if you have someone clean your home for you (such as a cleaning company) these are easy recommendations to give to them, and they will typically hear you out if you are interested in a green clean.

Have any more useful ways to use lemon for your cleaning purposes? Comment them down below; we know the list is endless!

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Dustyn is the owner of CleaningZoom.com and is a huge believer in eco-friendly products and methods of cleaning and ways of life in general.


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  1. Thank you! I love lemon (in my water) and want to use the rind for some sort of cleaning. Great tips.

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