Kitchen Essentials: 7 Useful Kitchen Accessories To Have At Home

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

The advantage of having a complete set of kitchen items at home is that when you have to prepare many types of dishes during holidays, your food preparation process would be more efficient and manageable. Besides that, you can also expect to have a minimal mess and waste in your preparation since each kitchen item is designed to be used for a specific task. Using alternative tools often leads to having a messy kitchen counter.

Thus, it is greatly recommended that you must start investing some of your money in buying a complete set of kitchen wares, tools, equipment, and accessories. There is a long list of kitchen items and accessories that you will need in your food preparation processes. Some of them include the following:

Pressure Canner

One of the safest ways to properly preserve your vegetables, fruits, and meat is through canning. Canning is a food preservation method that allows you to store food items in a jar and heat them to a very high temperature to avoid contamination in the future. If you are fond of making homemade pickled veggies, fruits, or meat, you must purchase a pressure canner.

A pressure canner is a food preservation kitchen device used in preserving or canning low-acid foods that need to be heated to a very high temperature. It is a cast or steel pot with an airtight seal cover lock, a pressure lid plug, and a vent pipe with a pressure gauge. It comes with many models and styles, and you can check them all in this buying guide on Foodal.

Stainless Steel Grater

Grating different cheese varieties for your pasta and salad is more efficient when you use a stainless steel grater. A stainless steel grater is an essential kitchen tool that you can use in grating cheese and shredding specific food items, such as lemons, oranges, and coconut. By using the right type of grater, there is a lesser chance that you will accidentally cut or slice your skin.


When cooking a pasta dish, we generally drain the pasta to avoid having a soggy and wet pasta dish when the sauce is added. To properly drain the pasta, you must use a colander. A colander is a large bowl-shaped strainer with numerous small holes that separate the water from the solid food items, such as fruits, vegetables, or pasta, to make them dry.

Food Storage Containers

Most of our food items, whether raw, canned, or packed, are mostly stored and kept in the kitchen. That is why we need food storage containers at our disposal to ensure that we have an orderly and organized kitchen.

Food storage containers are kitchen wares that we used in storing or holding some of our food items to prevent contamination and keep them away from pests, such as rats and cockroaches. They can be in the form of a plastic bag, a plastic container, or a glass container that comes in various sizes and shapes.

When choosing a type of food storage container to use, you must consider some factors to ensure you are using the right type for a specific food item. These factors include the food being stored, storage space, and length of storage. You must also consider the type of storage where you would put the containers that contain the food. In the refrigerator? In the kitchen cabinet? Or in the freezer? Consider these to know what container to use.


Keep yourself healthy by having a glass of pure homemade fruit juice every morning, which can be made possible when you have a juicer or juice extractor at home. This kitchen device grinds, crushes, or squeezes the juice out of your chosen fruit that you can use for any of your recipes.

Rubber Spatula

To ensure that the cake batter you prepared is transferred successfully from your mixing bowl to the baking pan, you must use a rubber spatula to scrape the remaining batter that’s sticking to the bowl. A rubber spatula is an essential kitchen utensil with a flexible flat blade used in scraping the remaining semi-liquid food item from a container without scratching its surface.


Knives are one of the important and essential kitchen tools that you must have in your kitchen. They are generally used in cutting, chopping, and slicing both raw and cooked food items. They come in many types, and each type serves different purposes and is designed for a specific food item. Some of the most known kitchen knife types include chef knife, boning knife, bread knife, cleaver, paring knife, carving knife, and many others.


Can you imagine a life without using these kitchen items? Quite a hassle and time-consuming, right? Plus, the result of your food preparation is not as exquisite as when you use the proper kitchen tools. Thus, you must start investing now in purchasing the most needed kitchen items for your home, including those mentioned above.

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