Top 4 Benefits That Make Double Hung Windows the Ideal Choice

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Windows have come a long way, going from literal holes in the walls to the sleek and vital components they are today. Providing extended outdoor views and letting in refreshing breezes, they now contribute greatly to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Given this essential task, you need to make sure your units are always in top condition, meaning investing in prompt window replacement when they’re already old and failing.

Window replacement offers the perfect opportunity to spruce up your home. Those small and insignificant windows that came with the house? Have them taken down to make way for bigger, better ones in their place. This is easy, given the window options available today. However, if you want to make the most of this project, you should consider a style that combines both good looks and functionality–double hung windows.

CLEAN GOOD LOOKS: Their simple yet elegant design make double hung windows attractive home features.

Double Hung Windows: An Overview

This window style originally hailed from the United Kingdom, arriving in the United States during the period of colonization. Double hung windows consist of two sashes that slide up and down. Traditionally, they operate through a series of counterweights, which are held in place by boxes on both sides of the window. Today, double hung windows usually come with a spring-mounted mechanism for ease of operation.

4 Ways Double Hung Windows Benefit You

Double hung windows may look simple, but they offer a number of advantages, allowing for:

  1. Increased Curb Appeal and Versatility. Double hung windows are extremely versatile. Their clean and simple appearance allows them to suit almost any home style, from traditional Colonial, Victorian, and French Tudor to sleeker contemporary and modern designs. This same versatility also lets them fit almost any room in your home. A trio of double hung windows in your living room, for example, can create a lovely focal point in the space, while smaller ones in a bathroom can enhance it without compromising privacy. Additionally, a double hung window can serve as an attractive and functional backsplash if you have it installed right above the kitchen sink. Wherever you put it, this window style makes it easy to enhance your home’s look.

  1. Worry-Free Maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance is also stress-free when you choose double hung units for your window installation, thanks to tilt-in sashes that allow you to clean them from inside your home. Sometimes, sashes may also be removable for even more convenient cleaning.
  2. Safe and Smooth Operation. Double hung windows do not crank out like casements, nor protrude out of the home like bays or bows. Since they are designed to slide up and down, they eliminate the potential for accidents in high-traffic areas, including decks, patios, and walkways. Window sashes also smoothly operate, not requiring a lot of force to use.

Experience safer and easier operation and maintenance with double hung windows.

  1. Enhanced Comfort and Energy Efficiency. The two sashes of this window style don’t just offer smoother operation but they can also be opened at the same time. This allows warm, stale air to exit your rooms through the upper sash, while cooler, fresher air can enter the home through the bottom to promote ventilation. Better airflow not only keeps a home thermally comfortable but also improves air quality that can keep humidity-related health risks at bay. Double hung windows are also constructed to tightly seal when closed, keeping air leakage to a minimum and ensure outdoor air stays out and indoor air stays in.

What to Consider When Choosing Double Hung Windows

Advances in window manufacturing and technology have augmented the features of double hung replacements. That’s why, if you’re planning a replacement project, make sure your window company offers double hungs that come with these modern upgrades:

  • Durable Framing Material. Double hung windows can be made from a variety of materials but composites are proving to be the best as it brings together the good things about wood and vinyl, leading to a window that boasts of the beauty of wood and the maintenance ease of vinyl. As composite doesn’t have the same pitfalls as wood, it will not rot nor crack with frequent moisture exposure, even when specialized care is not provided.

Durable framing material and advanced glass technology allow these windows to provide reliable energy performance.

  • Advanced Glass Technology. Beyond just opting for double hung windows with multi-pane sashes, go for those fitted with low-emissivity glass. Low-E glass greatly helps in making a double hung window more energy-efficient by reducing the amount of radiant heat that enters your home. This means living spaces are kept cooler and more comfortable, helping ease your cooling requirements. Low-E glass filters out heat without affecting the level of natural light let in so it’s also a great option for those looking to reduce artificial light use during the day, which can also translate to energy savings.
  • Customization Opportunities. You’ll want double hung windows that perfectly match your home’s style and exterior scheme. For this reason, make sure your window contractor offers many opportunities for customization. This means access to a wide selection of colors, hardware options and finishes, plus grille patterns. With the right combinations, even those with historic homes won’t have to worry because there are sure to be options that will preserve their property’s old-world charm.

PRO TIP: A high-quality double hung window is only as good as its installer.

  • Professional Installation. Even the highest quality double hung windows will not perform its best when not installed right. To ensure that your replacement window lives up to your expectations, hire a premier window company that can guarantee top-notch installation for you.
  • Warranty Terms. There are two kinds of warranties you should keep in mind: product and craftsmanship. Product warranties will come from your window manufacturer while craftsmanship warranties will be provided by your contractor. Aside from ensuring you have both, make sure warranty terms provided for your double hung windows are generous. This will give you greater peace of mind knowing you’ll have protection from product and craftsmanship issues for longer. Experts will have no trouble standing behind their work so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding generous warranties if you work only with reliable professionals in your area.

Double hung windows have a lot to offer, allowing you to maximize your home’s good looks, comfort, and energy efficiency. To enjoy all that, however, make sure you’re enlisting only the best contractors for your replacement project. To learn more about double hung windows and other window options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a trusted local window contractor.


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