Caring for Your Double Hung Windows


Double hung windows are practically a staple in homes across the United States. With a distinctive traditional style, this type of window exudes a classic, comfortable, and warm feel. The simplicity and flexibility of design can easily fit in with any architectural style.

These days, you can get double hung windows made of high quality, durable, and low-maintenance materials and parts. However, even the best windows need to be cared for. Fortunately, double hung windows are naturally easier to maintain, thanks to the window’s operational design. In this post, we share the basics of caring for your double hung windows.

Cleaning Double Hung Windows

To keep your double hung windows attractive and functioning efficiently, you should clean them every so often.

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What You Need:

  • The window’s product manual
  • Water
  • Mild detergent
  • Liquid window cleaner or vinegar (optional, for removal of more stubborn grime)
  • Soft cloth or brush
  • Squeegee or lint-free cloth

Double hung windows have a unique operational design. You can tilt the sashes inwards, which will allow you to clean both the interior and exterior glass without having to work from the outside of the house or having to strain to reach the surfaces you’d like to clean. Check the product manual to make sure you tilt the sashes properly.

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Once the sashes are already tilted inwards, you can more easily begin your cleaning. You can remove film, dust, dirt, smoke, soot, and other grime using a mild soap or detergent mixed with water, and a soft cloth or brush. If there is heavy or stubborn dirt buildup, wipe away loose debris first, then apply a manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution (such as liquid window cleaner) or vinegar, and wipe in a circular motion. Remove the cleaning solution using a squeegee or lint-free cloth.

When done cleaning, carefully put the sashes back in their original positions.

Pro Tip: As a general practice, you should not clean glass in direct sunlight. Additionally, avoid using sharp objects, such as razor blades, in removing hard or heavy dirt buildup.

Other Important Double Hung Window Maintenance Reminders and Tips

Here are some additional tips and reminders for you to preserve the function and look of your double hung windows.

  • Avoiding trouble. Movable insulating materials like shutters, coverings, and other shading devices not officially recommended by your window’s manufacturer may cause thermal stress or even excessive condensation which may damage your windows. Avoid them as much as you can.
  • Replacing broken glass panes. Make it a point to cover the damaged glass as well as nearby flooring to avoid damage from falling glass. Then, contact a professional contractor for immediate inspection and repair. In most cases though, replacing the entire window sash could prove more cost-efficient.
  • Preventing condensation in glass. Most condensation problems are a result of interior atmospheric conditions including, but not limited to, humidity. It is best to consult your window contractor, especially if you suspect seal failure.

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  • Lubrication of moving parts. Thoroughly clean all surfaces before applying lubricant. Lubricate balances to ensure that the window will continue to operate with ease.
  • Before you decide to paint your double hung windows, make sure that you can actually do so. Always check the product manual for recommendations on repainting or refinishing.

Owning double hung windows is a joy because they are very easy to maintain. But if you are unsure about anything, or notice that something is wrong with your windows, always make it a point to consult with your trusted window contractor to get professional advice and service.


Author Bio:

Alex Esler serves as Marketing Manager for Renewal by Andersen, the window replacement subsidiary of Andersen Corporation. Their local, family owned offices in Southern New England, Greater Philadelphia, and Colorado make up the largest replacement window company in a network of 100 Renewal by Andersen Dealers. Alex is known for being driven and inspired by her work and the causes she cares about. Aside from her professional obligations, she shows her eagerness to help clients and homeowners by writing helpful and informative blog posts and articles.


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