The Pros and Cons of Latex Mattresses

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Buying a mattress can prove to be challenging. With the various options that are available in the market today, choosing can be difficult. This is especially true if you don’t know what you want, or what you need.

We always tell buyers to do their homework beforehand. There’s a wealth of information available over the internet, and this valuable knowledge is just one mouse click away.

Why Should You Buy a Latex Mattress?

A lot of people looking for new mattresses to buy are looking at latex mattresses. This type of mattress had grown so popular over the years and it has spread by word of mouth – and for good reason, actually.

Latex mattresses have the newest technology in them and are highly durable. Unfortunately, some people still have a hard time deciding on what type of mattress to buy. To assist you in buying, here are reasons why you should get a latex mattress.

First, it is important to note that there are natural and synthetic types of latex. Of course, the natural variant is more sought after, but also more expensive. On the other hand, synthetic latex is more accessible to the general public. Each of these types has its own advantages. However, even mattresses that are marketed as “all natural” can contain blends of other materials.

Now we have cleared up some of the nitty-gritty of latex mattresses, let us go to their advantages. The first advantage latex mattresses have compared to other types is the comfort they provide. It has been reported that around a third of people with latex mattresses reported reduced discomfort.

It helps reduce pain and discomfort

The way latex mattresses reduce pain is by relieving the various pressure points across the body. Aside from this, muscle strain and lower back pain are also reportedly reduced. Latex helps here because it is a rather firm material, which provides optimal support. This is perfect for those with pain in their hips, shoulders, neck, and back.

However, it would do you good to try the mattress first before you buy. Test its level of comfort, whether it works for you or not. Just because it worked – or didn’t work – for them, doesn’t mean it would be the same for you.

It can last you for many years

As previously mentioned, latex mattresses are also among the most durable you can buy. It gives you value for your money. Compared to other types of mattresses, these ones can last over a decade with proper care. This is a good option for those looking to save their money in the long run. Aside from its longevity, latex mattresses are also biodegradable.

No More Foul Odors

Another advantage of sleeping on latex mattresses is the reduced occurrence of off-gassing. For those unfamiliar with what this is, it basically means that foul odors are reduced. This is especially helpful to people who are sensitive to smells while they sleep.

This is an aspect where all-natural latex really takes the cake. Next to no one who purchased a natural latex mattress complained of off smells coming from it. However, those who own chemical-based latex mattresses reported smelling odors from it. Luckily, this is easily combated by regular cleaning and aeration. Using scents such as lavender also helps out a lot with this.

Motion Isolation

It seems as though the advantages of latex mattresses are never-ending. Another advantage of this type of mattress comes in the form of motion isolation. This is especially important when you share your bed with someone else. Again, while this may sound fancy, it is quite simple.

If another person is moving on the one side of the bed, the other is unaffected. This does not happen in mattresses made with springs. Less so in water beds and inflatable mattresses. Couples looking to buy a new mattress would want to look into the latex variety.

This is great for sensitive sleepers, especially if their partner is always tossing and turning. This will make sleeping much more pleasant. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel more refreshed and energized.

Lots of Options for Customization

Another reason why people are praising latex mattresses is its customizability. There are a lot of options available for this type of mattress. This means that your purchase will be as much of a perfect fit for you as possible.

Some retailers offer simple variations to their mattresses. On the other hand, there are some who offer top to bottom customized mattresses. Some of these can easily be replaced with other layers for a different feel. There are even some custom mattresses with different feels on each side.

The Healthier Option

There are also those who buy into latex mattresses because they are marketed as being healthier. Compared to other mattress types, they do not release harmful chemicals to you or the environment. These other mattress types release their toxic chemicals as they age, but not latex.

Latex is also naturally resistant to fire. As was said earlier, other types of mattresses contain chemicals. These chemicals increase their resistance to fire at the cost of adverse health effects. Latex mattresses are also good for those with allergies. This is because they are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Latex mattresses are also environmentally friendly. This has already been mentioned when it was stated that they are biodegradable. Since they are also durable, latex mattresses do not add much to our overall waste.

More Environmentally-Friendly

The materials for latex production come from sustainable plantations using environmentally-friendly techniques. The workers here use farming techniques that actually help the trees grow. As they do, they take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen. Most organic latex producers also do not use chemicals and fertilizers in their plantations. This reduces the risk of greenhouse gas emissions as well as the effects of global warming.

Some Disadvantages of Latex Mattresses

There are also some reported disadvantages of latex mattresses. However, these only came from a very small percentage of the people who used them. In most cases, they were also quite easily resolved after a short time.

The first issue some people had with this type of mattress is its firmness. While some people have complained their mattress is too firm, this is actually preferred by some. There are those who need this additional support to help them get a good night of sleep. Luckily, this problem was easily resolved after the mattress’s “breaking in” period.

Compression of the mattress is another issue reported by a small number of people. While these imprints on the bed may be unsightly to some, they do not last long. They also do not have an effect on the comfort that the mattress provides. In fact, this is not very likely to occur in all natural latex mattresses.

Lastly, there are the complaints about heat retention. Despite their being complains about latex mattresses getting hot, it still performs better than other types. For instance, people have reported that latex mattresses are cooler to sleep on than memory foam.

But then again, these are subjective. As cliché as it may sound, it really is true: different strokes for different folks. Apparently, this applies to mattresses, too.

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