5 Things Great Roofs Have in Common

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There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all roof. Different people have different needs and this means the best roof depends on what will address a homeowner’s needs the most. However, there are some things that tie great options together. Knowing what these are will help you find the right roof for you by ensuring you’re only looking at the right choices to begin with. Ready to learn about great roofing options? Here are the things they have in common:

  1. Great roofs are durable

When I say durable, I don’t mean the ability to resist damage caused by a category 5 tornado. I’m referring to being tough enough to survive your local climate. For example, at first glance, heavy concrete tiles look like they’re the more durable option but lightweight asphalt shingle roofing puts less stress on supporting structures and may be more suitable in areas that receive plenty of snow. On the other hand, concrete tiles are more capable of surviving areas with temperatures that could easily cause shingles to get warped in months.

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  1. Great roofs last long

Being long-lasting doesn’t always mean avoiding replacement for hundreds of years. Instead, it’s about making the most out of a roof’s rated lifespan. A great asphalt shingle roof will never be able to outlast an ordinary slate roof, but it will last its recommended lifespan with proper installation and maintenance.

  1. Great roofs are energy-efficient

A great roof is more than just a very rigid, permanent umbrella placed over your home; it also serves as an insulating blanket, a heat shield, and even a wind buffer. A great roof is well-insulated, helping ease the burden of HVAC units and make homes more energy-efficient. Many homeowners look at achieving energy efficiency as a means of saving on their electricity bill but it’s also a way to do your bit for the environment by not taxing energy resources further.

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  1. Great roofs are cost-efficient

You think a great roof is all about toughness and quality? Think again; cost also plays a big factor in separating average roofs from the great ones. This isn’t to mean that a more expensive roof is automatically best (again, what is best for you will depend on what will address your needs) but it is normal for a roof to cost more as it offers more. Think of cost-efficiency as getting the best value. A top-quality roof can set you back significantly but the returns you get down the line (be it in energy savings or added home value, for instance) will be worth every single cent you spent on it.

5 things great roofs have in common3

  1. Great roofs look great

You can have the toughest, most energy-efficient, long-lasting and cost-efficient roof you can find, but you can’t call it great if it looks unattractive. When it comes to great roofs, form is just as important as function. Go for one that complements your home’s design, while meeting all the other criteria, and you won’t go wrong.


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