Homes and Roofing Maintenance: What You Can Do to Make Your Roof Last

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It can never be said enough how your roof plays a crucial role in keeping your home protected from various elements and other outdoor threats. You may say there’s no point in stating the obvious, but there remains property owners who fail to recognize how important roofs are, and the consequent need for maintenance to keep them performing well.

Why Do Roof Maintenance?

THE KEY TO ROOF LONGEVITY. Maintenance is critical to extending the lifespan of a roofing system.

Roof maintenance is done for two things: to monitor the condition of a roof and to take the actions necessary to ensure the roof is in top shape at all times. Such a service can help you save money, time, and problems in a number of ways, such as:

  • Keeping roof replacement at bay. The primary reason for carrying out maintenance is to extend the life of a roof as long as possible. This way, it won’t succumb to damage before the end of its rated service life, allowing you to delay roof replacement.
  • Protecting your home from structural damage. Most structural problems root from water and moisture damage, which is typically caused by roof leaks. Regular maintenance catches leaks early or even before they develop, preventing them from causing problems for you.
  • Preserving your interior and protecting your family and belongings. The contents of your home probably cost more than what roof maintenance and repair will set you back. However, it’s the non-material things that are truly priceless and a properly working roof protects those as well. The safety of your family is something you should not take lightly and that makes roof maintenance a worthy investment each time.

The Owner’s Job: What You Can Do to Maintain Your Roof

ROOF CLEANING. Keeping your roof clean and free of debris facilitates drying, preventing moisture accumulation that can lead to material damage.

As a homeowner, you play a huge part in keeping your roof in good condition. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Looking up and down. From the ground, look up and give your roof a visual inspection. To give you a better view, you can use binoculars. After that, look down on the ground and check for loose roofing material and damaged flashing. Roofing material can get blown off when bad weather hits your area so seeing them on the ground is a clear sign that your roof might be in need of some TLC.
  • Carrying out debris removal. Debris will find their way onto your roof. And when they do, they can cause problems by physically damaging roofing material or create conditions that get in the way of proper performance. Debris can also get into gutters, clogging troughs that can lead to overflows and roof leaks. There’s also the fact that debris can make your roof look dirty, taking away from its curb appeal. You can have debris removal carried out by your roofing contractor at any time but after fall sets in is a good idea.
  • Scheduling comprehensive inspection and maintenance. Some roof issues can’t be seen by the untrained eye. And even you did manage to spot roofing damage, fixing them is a different matter altogether, which requires not only training, knowledge, and experience, but strict safety compliance as well. It’s best to schedule regular roof maintenance that includes a comprehensive inspection at least twice a year.

The Professional Roofer’s Role in Proper Roof Maintenance

Professional roofers are able to perform thorough and proper roof inspections and maintenance because they know exactly what to look for. They know every part of the roof system and know how each of them should work. Not only did they receive ample training but they also deal with roofs and their components day in and day out. Thus, roofers notice right away if something is missing, damaged, or compromised during an inspection.

Finding and Hiring a Pro Roofer: Tips for Homeowners

THE SECRET TO EFFECTIVE ROOF MAINTENANCE. Finding and hiring the right roofer gives you the assurance that your roof will be in good hands.

Now that you have an idea about the importance of roof maintenance and the role that professional roofers play, how do you find the right one to hire? Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ask for references. A roofer can promote themselves the best way they can, telling you about their experience and expertise, but the most effective way to judge their skills is to talk to past clients. Ask the roofer you are looking to hire for a list of their previous customers and take the time to call them to ask about the performance of the roofer you’re interested in.
  • Verify experience and affiliations. Aside from calling a roofer’s past clients, you can also check with your local contractor’s office to ask about the company’s credentials and how long they have been in business. If the roofer claims that they are affiliated with manufacturers and industry organizations, make sure to verify that as well.
  • Check qualifications. It’s best to ask the roofing contractor for copies of their business permits and contractor license, as well as their insurance certificate. Doing so gives you the assurance that you are dealing with a contractor that has a local office and is adequately insured to protect you against liabilities.
  • Get detailed, written estimates and contracts. When asking for a service quote or estimate, the roofer should provide you with a detailed, printed document. If you’re

having your roof inspected, see to it that you get a copy of the findings. If any work will be done on your roof, make sure that you are provided as well with a record of the job.

The roof is a very important structural element of a home. It is also the biggest component of your property so it is very costly to repair or replace. This is why having it inspected for issues and taking prompt action to resolve problems found are important. As a homeowner, your roof is your lifetime investment, and making sure proper and regular maintenance is carried out is a way to protect it.


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