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The Most Efficient Ways to Cool an Outdoor Patio during Summer Seasons

The patio is the best place to enjoy a romantic dining with your loving person or relaxing and entertaining your safe after a long tiring day. But during hot summer, it will be a nightmare to expand single moment in your outdoor space without a good cooling system as the sun is burning almost everything.  You have to some proper steps to cool your outdoor patio for summer. Let’s have some ways you can apply in your patio to keep the temperature of your patio favorable for passing a good time in best place of your home.

Best Ways to Keep the Patio Cool for Summer

Set up a Misting System

Professionals of cooling and heating solution suggested using a misting system on the patio to keep it cool. It will be the best solution for this cooling problem.  A misting fan cools the air in the patio evaporating the water when the hot air hits the fan. A good misting can reduce the temperature of the space up to 30 degrees cooler than the surrounding environment. A misting fan can easily cover hundreds of square feet of outdoor space. If your patio is very large then you have to choose 2-3 misting fan instead of one.


  • If you like to set up an outdoor misting fan on your patio, you have to spend 90$ to 6000$ depending on the brands and efficiency of the fan.
  • You have to hire a certified electrician to set up the system in you patio in case you are not a professional in this field.

Electric Fans

Typical fans (like ceiling or pedestal fans) could be a cheap and good solution to keep the patio cool in the summer. You can buy a tower fan if you want to give your home a contemporary look. Reviews of best tower fan show that they circulate the air around the open space efficiently than the pedestal or ceiling fan. Moreover, tower fan covers a large area and they purify the air particles using amazing air filtration technology. Check out these best table fan and ceiling fans at Crompton.


A good electric fan can cost 50$-300$. Installing a ceiling fan can cost extra money as you need a professional electrician. But, pedestal or tower fans are very easy to assemble and they are also portable. So I recommend you to buy pedestal or tower fan for your patio.

Increase the Shade and Protect Patio for Hot Sun Light

The cheapest and the most efficient way to keep the outdoor space cool is to shade the place as possible. A patio umbrella can be ideal for this matter. It will keep the UV rays of sun way for you. Choose a light color like white or off-white patio umbrella. White color objects absorb less heat wave of the sun. This will reduce the temperature of the place 5-10 degree lesser than the outside environment.

The main advantage of these misting umbrellas for rain is that you can embed the misting fan under this umbrella.


  • You can adjoin Pergolas or gazebos in the patio umbrella to get more shade.
  • For decorating the patio, you can hang some potted flower plants.
  • Furnish the pergolas with curtain or clothes to keep the bugs and flees ways.

Hopefully, this summer will be more enjoyable and pleasant passing free time on your patio. So which methods works best or you found most efficient for your outdoor area? Looking forward to your valuable response in the comment section below.


Author Bio: 

Mohiuddin Shawon has completed his graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He loves writing on this blogs and recently he is working on a new website ( Top Cooling Fan provides the credible reviews of high quality and top rated fan that helps you to cool yourself in the summer. Also, you can get very good knowledge about how to maintain and clean your fan and buying guideline of the fan.



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