Simplifying the Process of Moving Together with Children

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Some office movers say, deciding to move in together involves serious commitment and preparation for a new kind of life. This serious preparation is undoubtedly required when children are involved. Preparing for a new life together must involve proper preparation to make the transition as smooth as possible for each child involved. Communication about parenting styles, expectations, and children’s perceptions are just some of the critical factors to take into consideration when moving in together.

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Understanding Parenting Styles Differ

Whether you and your partner are both bringing children into the mix, or just one of you has children, you both will need to discuss in detail the similarities and differences between the way you parent individually. Come to a consensus before moving in together about how you will approach your parenting of all children involved, no matter if they are your own or your partner’s. Approaching parenting with the same approach will simplify things and make the transition more comfortable and more consistent for the kids.

Seek The Experience Of Others

If neither you or your significant other has experienced having an adult in the home in a “step” role, then talking with others that have may be wise. By discussing their own experiences, you’ll gain an appreciation for all of the highs and lows that children may experience in a new, blended family. Keeping those experiences in the back of your mind will help shape the way you parent all children in the home with a blended perspective.

Be Flexible, But Maintain The Most Important Traditions

Compromise is the key to making a new blended household work successfully. But, compromise does not mean completely giving up all that you hold dear. Talk to your children, your partner, and your partner’s children about what traditions matter most, and then decide together what traditions to keep, which ones to blend, and which ones can be left behind without heartache.

Avoid La-La Land

Although dreaming about the perfect blended family experience full of rainbow and sunshine days may be tempting, that will by no means be your reality. Just like any other family, you will all go through your own ups and downs, together and separately. Expect to have a tough go at first as each member adjusts to the new environment. Keep communication open at all times, and check in with your children and your partner often to see how they are adjusting to the new environment.

The Ex Needs To Adjust Too

If you want to provide the smoothest transition possible for your children and your new partner as well, then you will need to keep your ex-partner in the loop at all times. As soon as you and your partner decide to move in together, inform your ex-partner so that they have as much time as possible to get used to the idea. Give them as much detail along the way, it will help them understand the impact the move will have on the kids. Make sure to let them assist with transitioning your children through the process as well. Especially if it’s a long distance move.

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