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3 Subtle Renovations that Transform Your Home

Transforming your home and giving it a facelift does not require major remodeling or decoration projects. Oftentimes, just subtle renovations can spruce up the place and make it look exciting and appealing. When you’re spending lots of time working from home, small alterations add something new and take away the boredom. Here are a few low-cost and practical options you can consider.

1. Let There Be Light!

Possibly the best way to liven up your interiors is by letting in natural light. Take a closer look at your windows and work out how to expand them to let in warm sunshine. You’ll be surprised at how added brightness improves your mood and boosts productivity. For instance, get casement windows that can be opened and shut to let in the fresh air and natural ventilation.

Add curtains or blinds for the times when you need privacy. Some good options are slatted blinds and lace curtains that give you both privacy and light. Check with the residential roofer in your city, and you might get lots of innovative ideas for windows that also maintain insulation. Here’s another idea: How about bay windows that can give you additional space by extending the interiors.

2. Add a Creative Touch to Your Home

Take breaks from the regular work-life routine by taking up fun projects that occupy your time. They’re also a good excuse to give your creativity wings. Epoxy resin is one of the best materials that you can use to shape and match your moods. This highly-versatile material is made by combining two liquids that set firmly once dry. The end result is a smooth, glossy finish that is extremely resilient and resistant to UV rays and moisture.

You can take up any number of projects using epoxy resin from building a glossy, protective layer on your favorite table to creating colorful table lamps. Think pretty doorknobs, wall art, or even precious gem jewelry that has as much appeal than the real thing.

3. Infuse Personality

Your home reflects the personality of the person living in it. Let your walls showcase the people and things that are most important to you. Build a collage on a wall with a collection of photo frames and objects in different shapes and sizes.

Put together pictures of loved ones, pet portraits, vacation memories, and other happy moments that bring a smile to your lips. Souvenirs you might have collected on your travels, cherished gifts, and favorite childhood mementos can also highlight the medley. You’ll have fun with the project while adding an element of style to the interiors.

The Possibilities are Endless!

Looking for some more ideas? How about a DIY paint job? Or, plants to add a touch of greenery and tranquility for psychological health. Putting down a few area rugs, setting up fragrant aromatherapy candles, or getting cushions and throw blankets for the couch also work well. Or, try one of the simplest strategies–Move the furniture around.

Taking up small renovations around the house can be fun and exciting and infuse a new look into boring and uninteresting interiors. Try them!

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