Small Bedroom Ideas: From Storage Room to A Sanctuary

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Put a finger down if you feel like your bedroom is too small. Put a finger down if your bedroom feels like a storage room. Put a finger down if you hate spending time in your bedroom. Put a finger down if your bedroom stresses you out. Well, moving out is not the answer. It’s time for a remodel. The size of your room is just a number. How you style the space is what matters. Below are some of the best small bedroom ideas to turn your room from a storage to a sanctuary.

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Small Bedroom Ideas

Don’t let your small bedroom hold you from designing a cozy, relaxing, and inviting space. You can smoothly transform your small room into something big. Read on for some ideas.


Is it really a remodel without a fresh coat of paint? Freshly painted walls go a long way. If you want your bedroom to look bigger than it is, stick to one color for your walls. Pick a light color rather than a dark one to make your room look bigger and brighter. These simple visual tricks are a true game-changer.

The Bed

If you find a chic and comfy bed, get it right away. There is no workaround for a statement bed for your small bedroom. That’s one step closer to transforming your space into a sanctuary. It can be a large bed if you want to, the extra storage beneath the bed will make up for it. Shop for a good mattress and a couple of high-quality pillows, and you have the perfect bed.

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Other Furniture

You splurged on a large bed, and it was worth it. It’s time to think about the extra pieces of furniture that you want to get. What does your dream bedroom look like? Does it have a TV? A reading nook? A small office space? A Coffee corner? There is no right or wrong here. Make sure to take measurements and get furniture that proportionally fits the size of the room. For example, opt for a floating or a rounded bedside table to save valuable square footage.

Furniture that serves more than one purpose is also a great choice for small spaces. A bedside bench, for example, is a beautiful decorative piece that can tie the whole room together. You can use it to display decorative pillows or a throw blanket. However, it can also double as a hidden storage space. This also applies to dressers. You can use a dresser to store alot of your stuff, but also to display some candles and other decorative pieces. Furniture pieces like this are always worth the investment.


When remodeling your bedroom, think of all the different things you want to store and where you want to store them. Think of your books, extra bed sheets, towels, memory box, and other belongings.

To store your belongings, utilize your small space wisely. Ask yourself, where can I install some hidden storage in this area? How can I arrange this better to save space? How can I use this corner better? Can I install a shelf here? Can I add a storage unit there?

It goes without saying that decluttering is key if you want your space to feel like a sanctuary rather than a storage room. A simple yet easy idea is to install a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. This simple idea can help you save square footage and store more of your belongings.

Small Space, Big Ideas

Limited bedroom space? Challenge accepted! Getting creative with your limited resources can be very challenging yet very rewarding. Turning your small room into the inviting retreat of your dreams is not that hard. All you need is some simple ideas to get you started.

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