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Simple Ideas on How to Give Your Home an Expensive Touch

Every now and then we encounter some great photos of superbly decorated living spaces, but they often look like they would make a costly redesigning venture most of us can’t afford. Or can we? If we look into the elements of a modern chic décor, we can actually pinpoint what makes them elegant and emulate this with cheaper, but quality alternatives. Here are some suggestions.

Change your wall palette

One of the first things people do when they purchase or rent a property is get a fresh paint job. This is precisely one of our suggestions for an elegant house makeover. Whether you go for a full-scale change of wall colours, or you repaint only one accent wall, the effect is invariably powerful and transformative.

Grey or beige are some of the popular base shades, but pastels are equally potent tints that give any room a vintage feel. You can also play with stencils or give wallpapers a try on single walls. Lastly, choose your colours carefully so that they match your sensibility.

Selection of rugs

When floor coverings are concerned, area rugs are a surefire means of giving rooms a personal stamp and a splash of colour. They also do wonders for space soundproofing. The best thing about this tip is that you don’t have to break the bank to have this in your home. Opt for monochrome varieties or some classic, versatile patterns.

Curtains matter

Apart from choosing the appropriate hue for your drapes, you should pay attention to some other traits such as length and material. Heavy opaque curtains are a foolproof sign of splendour and opulence, reminiscent of interior décor worthy of royal quarters. On the other hand, simple, web-like and lacy white pieces allow the light to pass through and instill a cheerful, sun-bathed atmosphere.

Finally, a great trick to make almost any curtain look magnificent and classy is to let them hang from ceiling to the floor. This will give any environment an illusion of grandeur and spaciousness.

Flower power

Freshly picked blossoms in long vases or potted plants centerpieces are a no-fail solutions that add a hint of effortless finesse and life to any place. It’s best if they’re real, but if you have pets (such as wayward cats) who like to nibble on it, it may be better to opt for genuine-looking faux flowers. You can even pick a selection of wildflowers from your neighbourhood and introduce a whiff of boho style to the room. It’s practically free but its impact is immeasurable.

Collection of vignettes

Unless your living space is entirely ridden of knick-knacks and accessories, this idea doesn’t require any special purchase. Gather all your favourite small decorative pieces in one place and design simple and elegant vignettes to dress up each room. Stage your living room, hallway and bedroom by placing your favourite books, unique vases and other trinkets in the key spots.

Lighting makeover

Lamps are a great realm for DIY projects. You don’t have to be particularly arty or skillful to make beautiful shades for some plain, boring lamps in your home. You can select simple cutouts and secure them on a lamp base – just make sure the material is fireproof. If you want to take it up a notch or two for a reasonable price, opt for some delicate Beyond bright pendant lights that are an invariable sign of style and refined taste.


Hardware replacement

To glam up your house or an apartment in a blink of an eye, browse for some high-end hardware replacements for your existing setup. Crystal knobs or variants with silver, bronze and pale gold finish can give your dining room or kitchen storage cabinets a subtle touch of luxury.

Your dream of a spectacular-looking living space doesn’t have to die out in case of a modest budget. Employ some of our suggestions to achieve a touch of elegance with little or no money.

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