7 Tricks In Making A Standard White Kitchen Less Boring

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When you decided to go for an all-white kitchen, you must have that clean and minimalist picture in mind. But as time passes by, your amusement with monotones fades and you want nothing but a little color to enliven your sterile space.

The good thing is punching up your white kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. Simple additions and quick renovations can transform a lifeless white kitchen into a modern white kitchen with a vibrant twist you’ll be obsessed to cook in.

  1. Let a standout island steal the show

Break the silence of your white kitchen by placing a kitchen island and countertop with contrasting features. It may have a different color, as eye-popping as yellow, orange, and blue, or as quiet and elegant as black or gray. You can also think of unusual shapes and materials that can easily catch one’s attention, such as a rustic wooden slab countertop, smooth marble countertop, or a crystal-like modern glass island.

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If you choose to keep your kitchen island as quiet as other cupboards, you can subtly perk up your kitchen by pairing it with colorful bar stools.

To make the design cohesive, you may pick up from the colors and materials you have on your kitchen island and stools and use those elements in designing your focal wall, backsplash, window coverings, and other accessories.

  1. Modify your backsplash

Level up your backsplash from looking like typical bathroom tiles to being an elegant and expensive standout element. You may invest in statement tiles whose striking patterns and colors instantly give life to a white kitchen without losing its contemporary feel. You can also choose unconventional materials like copper, tin, stone, wooden crate tops, and mirror to make your backsplashes bold.

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  1. Consider an eye-catching focal wall

Your accent wall doesn’t have to have an energizing color. Black paint on your focal wall may also help punch up your white kitchen, and can even add a sophisticated, monochromatic charm. You can also consider having tiles, bricks, and stones to add texture.

7 Tricks In Making A Standard White Kitchen Less Boring3

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Another idea is creating a chalkboard wall, which makes the wall both captivating and functional. You can write grocery plans and your family’s meal for the day. With this, vandalism on walls won’t be considered a crime.

  1. Make the interior of the cabinets pop

Even the smallest punch of colorful paint can have a great impact on your all-white kitchen. If you don’t have the commitment to repaint an entire wall or an entire cabinet, you can at least paint the interior of your cabinets.

7 Tricks In Making A Standard White Kitchen Less Boring4
Credits: Elsie Larson | A Beautiful Mess

The idea can be applied to open shelves and glass display cabinets where you can both have a clean, white finish on the outside and a popping color on the inside. The approach works best if you have white tablewares displayed on your cabinets. You may also change the color of your closed shelves’ interior, so you can get a cheerful splash of color whenever you reach for a coffee mug.

  1. Turn your kitchen into a gallery

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to bring wow factor in your sterile kitchen is showcasing your visually-captivating tablewares. Instead of stacking those beautiful dishes you had as gifts for your wedding day, arrange them carefully inside your open or glass display cabinet. You can also use racks and hooks in showing off your statement coffee mugs and tea cups.

7 Tricks In Making A Standard White Kitchen Less Boring5

Credits: Jelanie Blog

Aside from dishes, you can put a little excitement on those white shelves by placing your favorite cookbooks. White walls can also serve as a great backdrop for displaying colorful wall art about the love and appreciation of food.

To keep your white kitchen from looking like a lifeless, hospital cafeteria, include plants in your design. Displaying house plants help create a pleasant and fresh ambiance in your kitchen. They are not just attractive decors  but also useful elements in purifying the air. Some of the best houseplants are Aloe, English Ivy, Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm, and Snake Plant.

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  1. Play with your food

Nothing brings genuine vibrancy in the kitchen than fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of hiding your colorful fresh produce inside the fridge, find ways on how you can showcase them creatively. You can use wooden crates, wire baskets, or simple glass bowls. Decorative fruit or vegetable bottles can also be displayed.
7 Tricks In Making A Standard White Kitchen Less Boring7

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Aside from fresh produce, dried foods with interesting colors, shapes, and textures also help spice up a white kitchen. Invest in a few glass jars or wall mounted racks for foods like pasta, cookies, coffee bean, nuts, corn kernels, candies, and powdered spices.


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