Decorating on a Budget: Simple Ideas for Your Bedroom Décor

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Struggling to create a stylish bedroom within a budget? The good news is, it is possible to give your bedroom a facelift without putting a strain on your pocket. Sometimes all it takes is refurbishing old furniture, giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, or hanging a few mirrors.

Here are some simple and budget-friendly ideas to upgrade your bedroom décor instantly.

white scandinavian bedroom

Freshen Up with Paint

Paint is the most frugal way to go when giving your bedroom a whole new look. A moody accent wall can lend a sophisticated richness to the space, and grey or blue shades or neutral tones are always great to create a relaxing and peaceful bedroom space.

Even if you live in a rented apartment, just painting your walls in a new shade can instantly liven up the bedroom.  

Switch Up the Layout

Changing the layout of the bedroom costs nothing. With a little time and effort, you can change around the placement of your furniture and end up with a revved-up bedroom. Get rid of the unnecessary clutter so you have more room to add what you love, while it’s much easier to keep a de-cluttered space clean.

Change Your Linens and Pillows

Switch up your pillows and bedding to make a low-cost yet impactful change in your bedroom. Go for different colours and patterns from your previous set. This alone can make a huge difference. Re-stuffing your pillows and cushions with extra soft fillings can be a great way to bring in the plush hotel vibe on the cheap.

Play Around With Lighting

As in any room, lighting is a key element in the bedroom. Create a calm, inviting, and dreamy atmosphere by using softer light lamps. Replace your main lamp with a rattan shade or something that adds texture and interest to the room. There are so many affordable bedsides and standing lamp options that are great to make a real statement.

Throw Down a Large Rug

Rugs are a fantastic way to pull a room together, not to mention covering up an old carpet, yellowing vinyl, or worn-out floorboards. Consider adding a large hand-woven rug or a stunning Moroccan rug like the ones you’ll find at April & Oak. No one needs to know what lies beneath! Layer up your rugs to give the space a cozy feel. Bargain rugs look way more expensive than what they cost.


Your bedroom is your personal getaway – your space to retreat. So, add adequate storage like closet organisers, storage bins, and nesting baskets to keep clutter to a minimum.

Hang Budget Friendly Artwork

Add elements to your walls – hang artwork, frames that can instantly uplift the look and feel of your bedroom space. Turn an empty wall into something creative and stylish by framing things sitting at home like postcards, wallpaper samples, or even gift-wrap, to save money.

These were some easy and affordable ways to design your dream bedroom. With these small tweaks, you can remodel your bedroom on a low budget.