How can your bedroom décor affect your sleep

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There is nothing better than escaping form constant hectic lifestyle and fast-pacing daily activities and relaxing in your bed. The bedroom represents a sanctuary for sleep and our private and secluded space for relaxation. Just for that reason solely, your bedroom needs to look meticulous and fabulous. You would be amazed how décor, curtain color, wall art, ornaments, and many other aspects can affect your sound sleep. Here is some advice on what to do in order to have a good and solid nightly sleep.

Revive the colors

Too vivid wall colors such as bright orange, red or kiwi green are not welcomed if you wish to have tranquil sleep. Opt for more comforting tones. Experts have said that in order to have a restful sleep and to physically calm your entire sleep you should paint the walls in gray or light blue. If you are really keen on bright yellow or red, then rather place a small ornament or statement art piece than painting the whole bedroom in those colors. Just make sure that those colors suit you and calm your mind.

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Declutter the room

Too much clutter around the bedroom can cause immediate anxiety. If we choose to follow the ancient feng shui concept, cluttered room, and messy space may cause you sleep deprivation. Uneasy sleep consequently leads to stress, anxiety and many other psychological issues. To avoid all of that, you should, firstly, keep your room in order. Put away all things around your bedroom to avoid tripping over them during the night. Then, don’t keep too many objects lying around, place them on the shelves or organize everything in a storage. Get a decent decorative wardrobe to neatly place your clothes after work and not before bedtime.

Dim the lights

It is the most important thing to have proper lighting while you sleep. Actually, there should be total dark to have quality sleep. According to sleep experts, our mind and body’s natural circadian rhythm is lean toward the dark-light circle. So we should try to sleep in complete darkness if possible. Many Australian prefer to take a short nap after work and long busy day. In order to get away from the bright city lights and have a sound sleep (during day or night) you should find what companies that do window tinting in Brisbane have to offer. If you dim the windows properly, you will ensure quality and calming sleep. What is more, natural window tinting will smoothen your organism much better than when you wear heavy sleep eye mask.

Use smoothing fabrics

Whether you have too hard or too soft pillow, you should definitely have a habit to change it from time to time. No matter if you sleep on your back, on the side or on your stomach, you should invest in quality support. The same is with mattress. As National Sleep Foundation suggests, you should get a new mattress every ten years in order to have a good night’s sleep. Shaggy and worn-out mattresses cause back pain and stiffness. But above all, you need to pay attention to what kind of fabrics are you sleeping on. Use only natural cotton fabrics which promote air flow. The great thing is that you can find splendid bedding in a wide range of colors and patterns. From smoothing golden color to classic stripped blue-and-white combo, you can bring in the luxury in your bedroom by seasonally changing deluxe bedding. And that’s not all, there are many more way of ensuring a good sleep.

Add Zen elements

One of the first things that you should do in order to improve your sleep is to throw out the TV from your bedroom. Also, you should charge your telephone in the living room and not on your bedside table. Bring in the Zen elements in the bedroom which would certainly improve your sleep. Enhance your bedroom with aromatherapy scents and add a touch of lavender or jasmine oil. Many doctors say that our olfactory system is directly linked to the emotional center of our brain. So mild scents will improve our state of mind, thus help us sleep better. Moreover, by quietly playing smooth jazz before sleep, listening to the dripping water, or reading an interesting novel you will prepare your organism for a pleasant sleep. The air element is also crucial. Your bedroom shouldn’t be too warm, open the windows during the day to let the fresh and clean air in.

Next time when you set out to change your bedroom décor, think about your sleeping habits and follow these tips. Just by implementing a few of these tips you will undoubtedly improve your sleep.


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