Home Improvement Projects You Can Finish in a Weekend

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As Remodeling Magazine’s yearly “Cost vs. Value Report” demonstrates, many popular home improvement projects make for truly worthwhile investments.

Here are a few good examples. In 2014, the average return on investment for a mid-range basement remodel was 77.6%, while an upscale garage door replacement returned a healthy 82.9% of the project cost. For roofing and window work, recoup percentages hovered around 60 to 80%—still impressive considering the excellent long-term benefits that can be realized with these improvements.

Home Improvement Projects You Can Finish in a Weekend

As financially promising as most of these projects are, however, many homeowners are hesitant or unwilling to take the plunge because of the time factor. The timeframe from assessment to completion for the projects mentioned above is usually measured in weeks, not days.

Fortunately, there are home improvement projects that can be finished in a matter of days, some of which a skilled contractor can wrap up in a single weekend! Below are our three most highly recommended fast home upgrades.

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Project #1: Small Bathroom Remodeling

A semi-intensive small bathroom remodel can take anywhere from three to six days. This covers plumbing and electrical work, insulation, drywall and tile work. But you can easily upgrade the look and function of your bathroom with less time and money.

Sinks and cabinetry, for instance, can be done in a day and won’t affect other upgrades owing to the minimal space they take up in bathrooms. Retiling a shower and tub surround can take a couple of days, and while there is some downtime involved, it shouldn’t get in the way of, say, updating your lighting and fixtures.

With some smart scheduling, you can get a whole new bathroom in one weekend!

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Project #2: Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Refacing is an excellent option if you have structurally sound cabinetry but want to give your kitchen a dramatic new look with very little downtime. The process involves laying the material of your choice over existing cabinets rather than replacing them entirely. Your options include:

  • Laminate, available in sheets and coated with self-stick adhesive; the least expensive refacing option, but not suitable for complex cabinet designs.
  • Rigid thermofoil (RTF), a heat-sealed PVC film bonded to a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) substrate; ideal for cabinets with more intricate designs.
  • Wood veneers, the priciest but most effective and sought-after resurfacing option; made of real wood.
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Project #3: Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture Upgrades

Another quick home improvement project is the upgrade or installation of kitchen or bathroom fixtures and accessories. In the bathroom, this can include taps, showerheads, handheld bidets, drain covers, medicine cabinets and towel racks. For kitchens, think taps, sprayers, pot fillers, sinks, soap dispensers and cabinet hardware.

Lighting fixtures also fall under this category. They can be changed in less than a day, but their impact on a space is immense.

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Final Thoughts

It bears noting that while a weekend is enough for certain home improvement projects, how fast you or a contractor completes the job should never compromise the end goal. For most homeowners, this goal is simple: a beautiful and functional home.

And regardless of the size of the project, make sure you work with the right contractor. This way, your results aren’t just immediate but also high-quality and long-lasting.


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