How to Save Your House From Winter Pest

Last Updated on June 19, 2023 by Kravelv

Understandably, the summer season is known as the season of pests. However, what about the winter season? Everyone wants to stay cozy and warm, which is why people rarely leave their interior during the cold season. However, something similar stands for the winter pest who enters the warmth of your house in search of food and, of course, warmth. That said, it is recommended to assess the interior and exterior of your house for crevices and spaces that could potentially serve as a gateway for pests to enter your house. 

Open doors and cracked windows are always a gateway for annoying pests, such as flies, spiders, bugs, and mosquitoes. However, other pests, such as roaches and rats, can also squeeze their way in and make life miserable. If you don’t have the time to inspect your house for potential gateways, you can also benefit from the services of a professional team for pest control

A common misunderstanding is that most pests go into a hibernation mode and don’t bug house owners; the truth, however, is that not all pests become inactive. Some of them still roam around looking for ways to sneak into your house for shelter and food. Here is the list of the most common winter pest that you should be aware of:

Winged Ants

Also known as the carpenter ants, these winged relatives of the ant family are never a good omen, especially when they are seen inside the house. During the summer, their presence is never such a big problem as in the winters for the sole reason that their presence in the winter indicates that somewhere inside the house, there is a nest of carpenter ants that you will need to get rid of as soon as possible. If you cannot trace the nest on your own, find a professional who can help. 

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Even if there are only two of them, flies can be quite annoying. While these are more available in the summer, cluster flies exist in the cold season as well. Besides their buzzing, they can be quite a nuisance as they usually don’t find a way to leave the house due to closed windows and doors.

Besides cluster flies, you might also deal with fruit flies. These are usually smaller in size, and enter the house with the fruits and veggies that you just got from the grocery. One effective way to keep flies off your property is by disposing of the trash bags by sealing them completely. Also, keep the lids of the trashcans closed in the backyard so that no pest can gather around and feast on the leftovers.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t the only pests that exist in the summer and hotel rooms. Bed bugs and fleas can exist in your own home, in your bed, manifested in the corners of the mattresses and the rare side of the bed. Once your furniture or mattress gets infested with bed bugs, you will suffer from sleepless nights, and eventually, you will have to call in a team of professionals to get rid of this pest. 

Prevent Pest Home Invasion

By preparing your home from a potential pest invasion on time, you can ensure that everything stays safe and cozy this winter. Firstly declutter your garden and garage. Also, keep the kitchen counters clean and clear of food leftovers. Ensure to inspect your house and cellar for cracks and other tiny spots that could serve as a gateway for mice and rodents. Mice and rats are constantly searching for food, in all seasons, throughout the year, which is why you need to keep your house pest-proof throughout the year. 

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