5 Energy Saving Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill


Ever since dynamic or moving electricity was discovered in the early 1800’s it has been used to improve the quality of life. Electricity really does make many tasks much easier.

Unfortunately, it also comes with a cost; the average annual electricity bill is$1,700. Anything you can do to reduce this cost will help your household budget. Why not visit Simplyswitch.com to know the best deals of energy bills in your area.

  1. Electrical Inspection

Have you had your electrics inspected recently? If you haven’t then it’s time to take a look at what electricaldetectives.com.au has to offer. Old wiring is easily damaged, by rodents or just by age. This will cause an appliance to get hotter than normal; which will make it draw a higher current than usual.

Simply having your wiring inspected and old wiring replaced can actually reduce your electricity bill.

That’s alongside the fact that old wiring is more likely to short and cause a fire.

  • Insulation

The biggest thing you can do to reduce your electricity bill is to add insulation to your home. This will help to prevent your heat from escaping. You will then need to use the heaters less; reducing the amount of electricity you use.

If you have gas-powered heating you may not feel this is relevant but even this type of heating is controlled by electrics; it will save you money.

  • Turn It Off

A really easy way to save money on your electricity bill is not to use electricity as much. This means turning off lights when you’re not in the room.

You should also turn off and unplug the appliances. You may not realize it but a phone charger that is plugged in still uses electricity even when the phone is fully charged!

Simply unplugging all your appliances when not in use can make a huge difference to your electricity bill.

  • Lower The Thermostat

If you turn the thermostat down by just 1 or 2 degrees you’re probably not going to notice the difference in temperature in your home.

However, this small adjustment can make a significant difference to your energy bills; saving you money and even helping the planet.

In fact having the room slightly cooler can also help to prevent bacteria from breeding and making you ill.

  • Cold Water Washes

Your washing machine uses a surprising amountof electricity heating the water before it can wash your clothes. If your clothes are just having a routine wash you will find that a cold wash can be just as effective. The bonus is that you’ll use a lot less electricity in the process.

Most electricity saving tips are simply commonsense. You need to take a look at where you are using electricity and whether you really need to be using it. You should also consider getting a smart meter; they can help you to track your electricity usage and start saving money off your electricity bills.

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