Blocked Sewer Pipe: Is it Best to Reline or Replace?

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We all know how inconvenient a blocked drain can be, and while there are home remedies that might work, you are advised to call out a drain cleaning specialist should you ever experience a partial or total sewer blockage. In this article, we will examine two drain repair options, which are as follows:

  1. Replacing Damaged Sewer Pipes – This is the traditional way to treat a drain that has partially or totally collapsed, and it involves a lot of digging to remove the damaged pipe, which can then be replaced with a new section. As you can imagine, this is a very time-consuming and therefore, costly way to repair a damaged section of drainage pipe, and most homeowners prefer to have the damaged section of pipe relined, which also offers a permanent fix, but at a much-reduced cost, and when compared to the traditional pipe replacement, relining wins hands down.
  2. Relining Damaged Sewer Pipes – This technology has been around for a few years already, and it allows the damaged section of the sewer pipe to be relined without having to dig up the pipe. Once the affected area has been closely examined, the technician will first clean out the pipe with a power flush, which removes any obstructions, and this allows for the relining process to be carried out. If your drains are in need of repair, contact a Sydney based sewer pipe relining company who can carry out a permanent repair at a very affordable price.

To Replace or Reline?

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This is the question that many Australian homeowners ask, and the answer in almost every case is to reline the pipes, which gives a completely new inner pipe surface. The technology that enables this form of pipe repair to be carried out is very much cutting edge, and the work is carried out by skilled technicians who have a wealth of hands-on experience in repairing drains using pipe relining. In the event there are options available to you, the drain cleaning expert would make you aware of the choices, while also making his own recommendation, which would likely be relining. There’s some more information about sewer pipe relining, which is an interesting read that explains how the process is completed.

When compared to the traditional method of digging up and replacing old sewer pipes, the relining process offers the same long-term benefits, but at a much-reduced cost when compared to a sewer pipe replacement.

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If you have noticed strange gurgling noises coming from your drains, this might be a sign of a partial blockage, and the best solution is to ask a local drain cleaning specialist to inspect the damage and carry out necessary repairs. Give them a call today and you might be surprised to learn how affordable pipe relining is.

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