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Head-Turner Rustic Makeover Ideas For Your Bedroom

Rustic bedroom designs are known for their cozy and inviting feel. In fact, creating that classic look for your bedroom, apparently, is not that difficult.

Here, let us help you find some inspiration to transform your bedroom and bring in that rustic vibe that could turn heads.

Keep reading to be inspired!

Create A Brick Wall

Ideally, most homes would have brick walls unless you live in an area where disasters are an everyday experience.

If this is the case with you, simply peel off the wall paint or wallpaper and expose the bare brick wall under it. You may need to clean it up and give it some finishing touch, though.

Otherwise, you can also go for textured wallpaper to use on your wooden walls.

Believe it or not, bare brick walls are still a thing commemorating the war era. Not to mention, it can give your bedroom an old-factory feel.

Put Up Some Bold Solid Shades

Remember your old granma’s home? It sure did have at least one wall painted in bold and bright solid colors.

Well, you can bring the same vibe to your bedroom too.

Just make sure you also add some vintage furniture pieces along with it. As the experts at this Chattanooga Furniture Store suggest, you can choose vintage shades like walnut and mahogany to create the ultimate rustic look.

In the end, you can top your furniture pieces with cream chicken upholstery in cream or white shades to complete the look.

Wood Panel Your Back Wall

Nothing could be more rustic than the feel of wood panels. Nope, you can’t deny it.

Perhaps, you can install wood panels on one of the walls in your bedroom. Or, precisely, you can install the panels on the back wall of our bedroom – the wall behind your bed.

Make sure to varnish off the wood panels after installing them to get a smoky appearance to complete the look.

To enhance your design further, add some old lampshades at the side tables and the chester in your bedroom.

What About The Headboard?

For an even easier but yet effective design, you can create a headboard using wooden planks.

Not only would the wooden ceiling create a rustic and royal appearance, but it will also help keep your bedroom soundproof.

You can even create a false-ceiling effect using wooden planks to super-enhance the appearance.

To your surprise, you can choose between hundreds of wooden textures to customize your headboard.

How Can You Not Have A Barn Door?

What would a rustic bedroom decor look like without an appropriate door? Broken, we may suggest.

No matter what inspires you more – a bare brick wall or a wooden headboard, you need an equally complimenting door to complete the look.

And we suggest you choose a barn-style door.

They save you on space while also bringing a farmhouse feel to your home. Perhaps, you can choose a different shade than red to compliment your existing decor.

Lights Are Equally Important

While bringing in all the design inspirations, you might easily ignore the lights. But, believe us, there could be nothing more heartbreaking to have good decor but not-so-good lights to bring out the best of it.

Try installing dim or low brightness lights to make your rustic decor super cozy.

In the end, we would also recommend that you don’t go all scrambled with your design. Plan it, work on it, and always keep a vision in mind.

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