8 Home Improvement Projects You Need To Complete Before Thanksgiving

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it means you need to start preparing your house for family and friends visits. It is a special day, so your house should also look extra special and inviting.

However, after Halloween, the whole place turns upside down. Apart from removing all the spooky decorations, you also have to ensure that your house is ready for the winters.

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Obviously, you don’t want to be bothered by all the repair and maintenance work when your family and friends visit you. Therefore, it is better to start some of the crucial improvement projects sooner.

What are these improvement projects? Let’s find out!

Exterior Paint

Fall and cold weather is the best time to paint your home exteriors. It is because the humidity level is low during this time. So, the paint will dry quickly. Moreover, it is the time for get-togethers and parties. So, painting your home will make it look beautiful and inviting.

Not to mention, painting or sealing will ensure that any inferior cracks or holes get filled up. This way, your house will stay warm and cozy during the harsh weather conditions.

However, it is not recommended to paint the wall after the temperature is below 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is because, at this temperature, the paint might not bond perfectly with the surface.

Repair Home Appliances

The holiday season means a busy kitchen. From roasting turkey to baking cookies, most of the time is spent in the kitchen. And during this time, if a kitchen appliance breaks down, it will create chaos.

Similarly, washing machines and dryers are used more often during the holiday season. Therefore, you must check all the home appliances and get them repaired immediately.

Regular repair and maintenance will ensure that the appliance works more efficiently and reduce utility expenses. Therefore, you should consult the professionals as soon as possible and mitigate the risk of appliance breakdown.

Winterize Your Garden

You have worked hard all year to make your garden look aesthetically pleasing. However, during winter, especially when it snows, the garden can get damaged. Therefore, it is essential that you protect your garden by winterizing it.

For winterizing, clean out all the weeds, cover the garden bed, tree and shrubs using a winter jacket and plant the bulbs. Apart from this, you also need to water the garden one last time to ensure that it stays nourished. After that, make sure to turn off the water.

Winterizing your garden becomes even more critical if you live in snowy areas such as Nashville (Tennessee), Rochester (New York), or Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania).

Repair Or Replace Roof

In addition to the interiors and garden, it is vital to prepare your roof for the snow. Needless to say, heavy snowfall can cause an immense roof leaks, which will further affect the temperature of the house.

Therefore, it is essential that you repair your roof before the snowy season. In fact, if the damage is severe, it will also give you time to replace the roof. However, do not try to repair or replace your roof on your own. It is dangerous; you should hire professionals to get the work done.

Tip: To find the local roofing contractor, add your location while searching. For instance, suppose you live in Nashville. In that case, you can search terms like roof repairs Nashville or roofing contractors Nashville.

Not to forget, a professional crew will do the work more efficiently and quickly. Thus, ensuring that you enjoy your holiday season with ease.

Add Insulation

Nobody likes to stay cold during the chilly winter months. Even a tiny burst of wind can make you fall sick and reduce the house’s warmth. That’s why you should consider getting a home audit to check the caulking and weather stripping.

The audit will also help you learn about the house’s insulation, thus keeping the house warm. In simple terms, a depth of 10 to 14 inches is optimal for keeping the house warm and cozy. An energy audit will help you learn whether your insulation level is at or below the joists. So, you’ll be able to take proper measures to keep the place warm.

Inspection Of Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in the house, it is crucial to conduct its proper inspection- even if you don’t use it often. Inspection will ensure that the house stays safe when you use the fireplace.

Generally, it includes checking for chimney blockage due to bird nests, flammable buildup (Creosote), missing or damaged flue caps, damaged masonry or brickwork, and the functioning of dampers.

It becomes even more essential when there are kids in the house. Therefore, you must check your fireplace before the beginning of winter and make necessary repairs.

Install Programmable Thermostat

If you are still using manual thermostats, it is time for you to change it. Instead, install a programmable thermostat. They are more convenient and accurate to use. Also, they don’t contain toxic mercury, which is generally found in traditional models.

In addition to this, you can also save money by installing a programmable thermostat. As they use less energy to keep the house cool and warm. And you also don’t have to worry about the house temperature while you are away or asleep.

Although it is recommended to get help from professionals to install the thermostat, you can also do it yourself. Just make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Plan For Holiday Lights

Lastly, make sure to prepare your house for the holiday season by decorating it with lights. To ensure that your place looks stunning, start planning right after Halloween. Remove all the Halloween decorations, clean the house properly and make arrangements for the holiday lights.

If you want, you can also search for other decorations and use them. But make sure that lights are working properly, otherwise get a new one.

To Sum It All Up!

All these are home improvement projects that you must complete before thanksgiving. It will make your place look cleaner and inviting. Plus, it will also help you stay warm and cozy during the winter months. It will become challenging to do all the repair work once the winter begins. Therefore, you must start these projects ASAP!