How to Raise Your Bed – 6 Easy Hacks

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Bed height can play a vital part in the overall comfort, room decor, and style that you might have been trying to get for a long time. Usually, we tend to get so much involved in other aspects of our home furniture that this important aspect is overlooked.

The height of your bed will determine how easily you are able to get in and out of your bed, how quickly you’re able to make it, and how comfortable it is according to your age, preferences, or health requirements. However, if you’re looking to revamp your home or room furniture, the bed can be one of the costlier items to replace or upgrade.

how to raise bed

For this, there are some quick hacks that can help you raise your bed height instead of having to spend a lot of money on a replacement. Let’s discuss some ways to do that..

Use a Bed Riser

A bed riser is one of the most common hacks to raise the height of your bed. These are small, mostly square-shaped furniture accessories with the sole purpose to lift your bed a little bit higher than the original height. Bed risers are usually made of wood, plastic, or metal.

Once you have decided on the extra height that you want to add to your bed, all you need to do is find bed risers from Amazon or a furniture shop nearby and place the legs of your bed into the bed risers. It is advised that you should not do this all by yourself, get someone to help you with it.

If you don’t want to use a bed riser, you can read this post to find the alternatives.

Add Some Wheels

If you’re looking to add both height and flexibility to your bed, installing wheels underneath it can be a smart way to achieve that. Although this isn’t as simple as other methods for raising bed height, it can add a great deal of mobility, especially if you are someone who likes to move his or her furniture around every now and then.

Moreover, wheels will make your room cleaning a whole lot easier as you will be able to move the bed around without having to put in a lot of effort.

Use Cinder Blocks

This might not be the fanciest-looking hack to raise your bed height, but certainly one of the cheaper ones.

The regular size that you’ll see in the market is 6 inches for one block. Using this size, you will need more than 10 blocks for a queen-size bed. You can keep adding the number of cinder blocks to get the exact height that you need.

To make sure that you are doing it right, arrange all blocks in a way that corresponds to each other, the corners and the middle so that your weight and the weight of the mattress are evenly distributed.

Raise the Mattress Height

Don’t want to change the look or feel of your bed frame with anything that amends its height? No problem, let’s raise the height of your mattress instead of the bed itself!

Using a mattress topper, you can add a few extra inches to the total height of your bed without having to do anything to the bed frame. These mattress toppers give you extra padding on top of your mattress while keeping the original feel and comfort of your mattress as it is. In addition to increasing the height, these toppers also protect your mattress from damages such as food or beverage spillovers, liquids, smoke burns, etc.

Use of Wooden Pallets

Want to raise the height of your bed while keeping that ‘woody’ furniture theme in your room intact? Go for this option then.

Wooden pallets is a sturdy and stylish bed-raising hack that can come in quite handy for wooden furniture lovers. Multiple wooden slabs are fixed together in symmetry to a wooden frame that supports the weight of the mattress and the ones who would be sleeping on it.

However, there is a drawback with wooden pallets or even with cinder blocks – you might have to sacrifice underneath storage space if you go with either of the two options. But if that’s something you are okay with, then both these options are definitely doable.

Bookshelves or Drawers

With the passage of time, land prices in urban cities and densely populated areas go up. This is a phenomenon that remains pretty much the same all around the world. Due to this fact, people who belong to the lower and even middle-income groups spend a major portion of their lives in places with tight spaces.

In such cases, space utilization becomes the number one priority. Using a bookshelf or a pair of drawers per side underneath your mattress can be a smart way to use all the space that you possibly can.

This means that you don’t need to buy a separate dresser or a bookshelf that will take additional space in your room elsewhere. Just use the space beneath your bed, while raising the height of your bed, too.

Our Final Word on Raising a Bed

Raising your bed height does add more comfort and accessibility, than you think it does. Also, you don’t necessarily have to spend your money on changing the whole equipment that would certainly cost you more and will require some effort and time as well.

The options that we discussed in this read are some of the easier and more practical ways to raise the height of your bed. However, if you have a different DIY idea that you feel can work better, go for it.

The eventual goal is to raise the height of the bed – doesn’t really matter how you achieve that!

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