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A guide about rugs for the city and their usages

There are many types of rugs in shapes and sizes, so you have to think about choosing them. Carpets occupy the entire floor of the place you want to lay, and small rugs placed on only part of the floor are called rugs. Both carpets and rugs are widely used in living rooms, but rugs are also popular for bedrooms. Houses with small children are better off rugs than carpets. Because rugs are often made of cotton, they are more hygienic for sensitive children. 

 Characteristics of rugs according to material 

 Points to be aware of when choosing a rug  

Correct care method  

Proper storage  

Rugs should be stored with the fur side rolled inward. Cover it to prevent dust from accumulating and place it in a dry, well-ventilated shade. You can use it longer if you change the position from time to time so that the hair does not get pressed.

Advantages of rug

1). The rug is made of 100% cotton, which suits people’s tastes. It is good for hygiene, so the touch and feel are quite good.

2). Because it is not large in size, it is easy to wash and use so that it can be used for a long time, and It is sturdy as it is made of cotton, so it is quite luxurious than the price.

3). The fluffy texture does not give a feeling of fatigue compared to general flooring materials, and it prevents the reflection of lights to relieve eye fatigue and make the room comfortable.

4). By absorbing various noises generated indoors, prevents noise or floor ringing when pushing or pulling a chair or walking.

5). Compared with other flooring materials, the heat insulation and cooling effect is so high that 6% of electricity is saved during heating and the thermal conductivity is lower than that of other flooring materials so that electricity can be saved. 

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