Sell or Restore: What to Do With a Damaged House

Last Updated on October 18, 2023 by Kravelv

This is one of the questions that has troubled a lot of homeowners. There are many causes that can cause detrimental damage to your house. Be it natural disasters like floods, or the house getting fire or any other cause which can damage the house.

When your house gets damaged, the first thing that pops up your mind is whether restoring or repairing would be economical for you or would selling your house be beneficial. We’ll try to decode this very question and then you maybe can decide what to do with your damaged house.

What’s the first step?

The first step for you is to contact your insurance company. You need to see what and which aspects of your home are covered under the insurance plan. If, for example, your house is struck by flood damage, then ideally your insurance plan should have flood damage covered. When you file your claim, you’ll have a better idea of what your insurance company is going to pay you, and then maybe you can better decide whether the house is worth keeping or worth selling.

The benefits of selling a damaged house

There are pros and cons to everything in this world.
The Pros for selling your damaged house are worth more than the cons, so it’s primitive to mention some of the advantages you can receive if you decide to sell your damaged house. To find out how to quickly sell a house with any damage fastly visit

  • Problems related to Health. It’s no secret that when they say Health is Wealth, it actually has a lot of weight to it. Substantive health once lost can not be regained quickly and needs a constant struggle.
    If your house is say for example struck by fire damage, It is certain that the residue of the fire damage contains harmful elements that can cause damage to the human health system.
    Even if you decide to restore the fire damage, you’re still going to go through a lot of expense and costs for it.
    So, keeping in view the health concern, it’s better to just sell your house.
  • Time-Consuming (When Restoring). Everyone today is so busy that they can not take some of their time out for their own social relationships. Time is of the essence to everyone.

When you decide to restore your damaged house, along with the heavy costs, you are also going to forego a lot of time and attention that you could have used in something beneficial for you or your family.

  • Heavy Expenses. We take the example of your house being struck by fire damage. In the case of restoration, depending on the damage, you are likely to pay heavy expenses so that your house can be back to its pre-damage condition.
    In this case, selling your house is way more beneficial than restoring it.
  • Emotional Torment. Your house if damaged is a big loss because many of the valuables that you bought with your hard-earned money are lost, which causes huge emotional distress. Furthermore, if you decide along with the restoration, that causes more emotional torment with money going out of your pocket.
  • Avoiding Hurdles. Many people avoid dealing with law regulators and other parties who may not have the best interest in mind when restoring their damaged property. If you are one of them and are the person that would want to avoid these statutory hurdles, it is better to get quick cash by selling your damaged house and move on.

So these were some of the common and prominent benefits of selling your house.

If however, you decide to repair your house or repairing the house before selling it, you need to consider the following repairs-

  • Painting. This is the first thing that always comes to mind when a homeowner is thinking of selling their house but the problem with Painting is that there are many that do not want to pay their money for painting and there are many that can choose different weird colors that do not go in line with the architecture of the house.

Therefore, if you are one of those that do not or can’t pay the expenses for painting, you can look up a few videos online on painting and getting the essentials, and then deciding on the colors. This would save you a lot of money and professional painters aren’t needed. You also don’t need to paint every place in the house. Just paint those that are in dire need of painting.

  • Bathroom. Often there are houses where the necessities of the bathroom are ignored which leads to troublesome times for the newcomers or the potential buyers. Your house may also get valued lower than it should have been.
  • Lightning. If there is not enough and suitable lightning, it is highly likely your house won’t get sold. Lightning affects the human mind and mood a lot. Before contacting a real estate agent, make sure that you have ample and easy on the eye lightning so that potential buyers may get an interest in buying the house.
  • Refinishing of Hardwood Floors. This is one of the most important aspects of repairing your house.
    Many houses have hardwood floors and they get neglected every year because of a couple of reasons. Despite its reasons, it is highly recommended to finish your hardwood floors every year and especially when you are selling your house. Refinishing the hardwood floors gives a clean and calming ambiance to your house.


If your house is struck by any calamity or any internal reasons that have caused the damage, there is no need to panic or take stress because what’s done is done anyway.
What matters at this hour is then deciding what to do next. The question of whether to sell or restore your damaged house has troubled every mind. Not everyone has the financial capacity to restore their house so they opt to sell it while some instead of selling opt for restoration. In either case, one has to keep a skeptical mind. We, therefore, listed some of the benefits and some of the options in both the cases of either selling or restoring your house.

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