Tips To Style Your House With Rattan Décor

Last Updated on June 22, 2023 by Kravelv

Rattan décor carries a relaxing and ultra-modern vibe which has made it a top choice for millennials trying to decorate their houses. Initially, rattan furniture marked its foray in outdoor furnishings and was considered too dull and dreary for indoor settings. But modern designers have imparted a swanky new makeover to these eco-friendly pieces for adding a unique texture to your abode. Read on to know about how you can add an exotic charm to your home interior with rattan furniture

Rattan Headboard For A Natural Texture

Textured headboards have gained a lot of traction in Florida room furniture décor. Rattan headboards carry a natural texture that can impart a finished look to your bed while adding substantial warmth to your room. They look exceptionally gorgeous if you place small pendant lights and a rattan chair for the penultimate trio of rattan décor. 

Jumbo-Sized Pendant Lights

Rattan is extremely versatile which has led to its usage in mirrors, furniture, lampshades, chairs, and even bed-heads. You can either mix n match multiple indoor rattan furniture or keep things simple with a statement pendant light which comes in subtle beige hues for blending in with your room aesthetics. 

Follow The Less Is More Philosophy

Going over the top with rattan furnishings can make your entire house feel outdated. Although rattan has made its mark as a timeless trend, you need to balance it out with other textures, tones, and materials for enhancing the beauty. The key lies in blending it with your existing furniture. Opt for one-off statement pieces in the place of matching furniture sets and create a contrast using warm-toned accessories. A velvet sofa in rich violet hues can strike up a brilliant contrast against two rattan chairs while making your space visually attractive. You can tie the colors together by adding in a few cushions which are in sync with the existing color scheme.

Choose Amongst A Variety Of Shades

The first thought which strikes our mind while thinking about rattan furniture is its traditional shade. But did you know that printed rattan is slowly becoming a big thing amongst interior designers! They can blend in perfectly with both contemporary and antique pieces while looking incredibly chic. 

Add A Pinch Of 70’s Style

Swirly shapes on the rattan shelving units and headboards tag a 70s vibe which is a massive change from its sleek minimalistic predecessor. The retro-inspired pieces bring a rustic and handcrafted look given their ability to balance sleek lines. 

Final Words

The lightweight nature of rattan furniture helps in moving them around easily. They come in attractive patterns which can impart an artistic flair to your sunroom furniture. However, these beauties do not have stringent polishing and maintenance requirements for sustaining their charm. Selecting the lighting of your room correctly is very important if you wish to enhance the elegance of rattan furniture. The ones with shiny surfaces look exceptionally gorgeous in the presence of natural light which bounces off the surface to further illuminate your room. 

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