A guide about rugs for the city and their usages

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

There are many types of rugs in shapes and sizes, so you have to think about choosing them. Carpets occupy the entire floor of the place you want to lay, and small rugs placed on only part of the floor are called rugs. Both carpets and rugs are widely used in living rooms, but rugs are also popular for bedrooms. Houses with small children are better off rugs than carpets. Because rugs are often made of cotton, they are more hygienic for sensitive children. 

 Characteristics of rugs according to material 

  • Cotton is inexpensive and has a wide variety of types. Depending on the organization’s texture, the appearance on the exterior is different, and it has the characteristics of creating various atmospheres. Also, since it is the best fiber for the human body, it is the most popular material for its texture and hygiene. 
  •  Wool material with strong absorbency and warmth, and warm touch, has the disadvantage of losing a lot of fine hair and high price. Also, since it is difficult to wash with water, a hassle must be dry cleaned. 
  • Nylon Resistant to chemicals and oil and strong elasticity, nylon is not easily damaged because the material itself is strong. The disadvantage is that static electricity is generated well.  
  •  Acrylic material has excellent dyeing properties, and it can create colorful and intense colors and vivid print effects, so it can brightly change the interior. On the other hand, many fine hairs fall out, and there is a lot of lint, so the exterior is easy to look dirty.
  • Polypropylene is a very light material, so it dries quickly when washing because it has low water resistance, but it does not have a soft touch on the skin.

 Points to be aware of when choosing a rug  

  • If the rug is too large, laying it becomes burdensome. It is appropriate to choose a size slightly smaller than the sofa to give the living room a spacious look and a cozy feel.
  • When choosing the color and shape of the rug from rugs city, consider the interior of the house. You can also consider the sofa or floor color or consider a harmony with the wallpaper.
  •  Because the rug is small, it slips well. To prevent slipping, choose a non-slip treatment on the back of the rug, or purchase a separate non-slip rubber mat and place it under the rug.
  • There is no problem with laundry or A/S only when you choose a product of a reliable brand. Also, carefully check whether there are any spots such as the edge seam treatment, the finishing of the sewing, and the hair strands.

Correct care method  

  • Make sure that the entire house is ventilated so that moisture does not accumulate on the rug.
  • When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, the point is to cleanly remove dust and dirt accumulated on the fiber root by operating in the opposite direction of the rug tissue. After absorbing the dust, it is also important to turn the simulation back to its original state.
  • When drying the rug in the sun to shake off the dust, turn it over and tap the board with a stick to remove dust and contaminants. You can use it for a longer time by changing the left and right directions when re-placing the brushed rug.
  • Polypropylene material can be washed at home with water with a neutral detergent.

Proper storage  

Rugs should be stored with the fur side rolled inward. Cover it to prevent dust from accumulating and place it in a dry, well-ventilated shade. You can use it longer if you change the position from time to time so that the hair does not get pressed.

Advantages of rug

1). The rug is made of 100% cotton, which suits people’s tastes. It is good for hygiene, so the touch and feel are quite good.

2). Because it is not large in size, it is easy to wash and use so that it can be used for a long time, and It is sturdy as it is made of cotton, so it is quite luxurious than the price.

3). The fluffy texture does not give a feeling of fatigue compared to general flooring materials, and it prevents the reflection of lights to relieve eye fatigue and make the room comfortable.

4). By absorbing various noises generated indoors, prevents noise or floor ringing when pushing or pulling a chair or walking.

5). Compared with other flooring materials, the heat insulation and cooling effect is so high that 6% of electricity is saved during heating and the thermal conductivity is lower than that of other flooring materials so that electricity can be saved.