How The Right Lighting Will Improve Your Home Equity

Last Updated on March 13, 2022 by Kravelv

Have you ever heard anyone say they wanted to live in a dark house? Light and bright is what people desire in their home. So if you’re looking to improve your home equity, with an eye to selling in the future, then consider money spent on lighting as an investment. Walk through each room in your house assessing your lighting. Do you have broken lights that need replacing, out-of-date lighting and rooms with dim or no lighting?

Update Old Lighting

If you’re looking to your lighting to improve your home equity, then this is the place to start. Homebuyers don’t want outdated lights especially in kitchens and baths. And if you can’t afford to totally redo your kitchen and bathrooms right now, updating their lighting can be an easy and more equitable way to improve the overall look of the room.

When updating light fixtures, consider what you will use the space for. Lights needs to be functional in the space designed, and that is very important to remember when shopping for new fixtures. Avoid going for the fancy lights that look intriguing, but may not be functional for the space you have designed.

Add New Lighting Where None Existed

Your storage area is huge; it holds all those extra ‘things’ your family wants. Prospective buyers love storage space, but it’s important to have adequate lighting so the storage space can be used efficiently. In storage space lighting, avoid lamps that would take of floor space and could easily be knocked over. Instead go for light that are simple in design and made for functionality, so they will adequately light your storage space and shelves.

Replace Broken Lights

The first step in this endeavor is to determine what’s causing the light to malfunction. Is it a problem with the lighting fixture itself? Or is there an underlying issue with the wiring? Safety is of the upmost importance when it comes to working with old light fixtures and the electrical wiring of your home. When replacing or working with light fixtures, make sure that the power source to that fixture is turned off to avoid any injury.

Living room with lighting scones

Make sure that you take the proper safety measures when working with electrical and wiring. If you are unsure about working with electrical wiring, consider using professionals like those at CMC Electric.

Financially, it’s always smart to make improvements to better your home for sale down the road. But when you make them early on in the game, you have the benefit of enjoying them before passing them to the new homeowner. Adding or updating lighting is a great way to finish a room or add a new touch to an older room.

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