Remodeling? Make Some Security Upgrades Too


The next time you are remodeling your home think about making some home security improvements as well. When most people think of home security usually the first thing that comes to mind is alarm systems. And while alarms are useful, they shouldn’t completely replace practical home security like the structure of the home itself.


One of the best improvements for keeping your home safe is to make it so your front or back doors can’t be forced open or lock-picked. You could always buy new doors that compliment your entry way but this can also be done with simple upgrades. If you don’t have a lock above the door knob that should be your first step. Additionally improving your bolt lock so that the piece of metal that extends into the doorjamb goes further than an inch will make it safer around the frame.


Hinges and door jambs are usually made of wood or a plastic, which makes them easily breakable. If you replace them with metal ones it becomes more difficult to force a door open. Just make sure that everything you add to your house is up to code. It’s easy to check, but a real nightmare if you get it wrong.


The second most common entry point of a house is through a window. Luckily with windows there are multiple areas you can improve. Most window locks can be broken so make sure to install a real window lock on each of your windows. To improve window security you can install tinted films that will give your house a unique aesthetic while preventing anyone from being able to see inside your home during the day. If you don’t already have any install some blinds so that when you go on vacation or for an overnight trip there will be zero visibility.


Speaking of visibility, changing your lights can improve security as well and they are often one of the easier objects to install around a home. Lights that detect movement are the most useful, installing some around the outside of your home is the most effective. Lighting near the front and back door of your home is really all you need. Installing small night lights inside the homes like in hallway or bathroom will increase visibility for yourself and make it look like someone is home. When redoing your lights and other electrical components, take a chance to go green! There are many energy saving and money saving things you can do to make your home more energy efficient.

Around the House

Sensory lights are also the best way to keep areas around the home safe. If you have a cellar, storage shed, or a barn installing lights will keep those areas visible and ward off intruders. These areas should also be closed up with heavy locks like deadbolts or padlocks, especially if they are not used often. Sheds and barns should also be winter proofed since the weather conditions can damage the windows and doors making them easy to access.

If you are planning your spring remodeling, like most home owners, or planning some decorating take the time to consider doing these security upgrades. It will save you time and money in the future.

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