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6 Top Reasons Why You Must Use Solar Power in your Home

Solar technology is becoming more and more efficient. Additionally, the cost of a solar system has come down rapidly in recent years. Fans of Brisbane solar power have never been in a better place to achieve some great benefits from using this source of energy. Here are some reasons why you might want to shift over to solar power in your home.

State Benefits

Depending upon where you live in Australia, you might get some financial benefits from your state. Those in Victoria can get a $2,225 rebate on the purchase of a solar panel system. Those in Queensland can apply for grants and loans to install solar panels and batteries that can store the power that comes from the sun. These benefits can offset the cost of a new solar system for your home or business. The government has an interest in improving the nation, and moving ahead with more modern systems for producing electricity can help with that.

Reduce Pollution

Traditional power plants are known for having clouds of smoke billowing from stacks as they burn the fuel that’s needed to produce the energy that powers the country. Even nuclear power comes with spent radioactive material that can lead to problems down the road if not disposed of properly. There is some pollution associated with the production of solar panels, but there is no additional pollution after installation. Solar panels produce energy without spewing carbon dioxide or other pollutants into the air.

Renewable Energy

Solar power is completely renewable. As long as the sun continues to shine, your solar panels will continue to produce energy. There is no need to add any other option for energy as long as there is sunlight. Certain parts of the world will need alternative options for energy, but most of Australia has plenty of energy from the sun to store in batteries for the occasional day with high levels of cloud cover. This renewable feature of energy from solar panels is one of the top reasons you should consider switching over if you’ve not already done so.

Low Maintenance

In most instances, solar panels can prove to be a low-maintenance option for electricity. Over time, you might have a breaker or fuse go out with a traditional system that’s powered by the grid. There might be some maintenance associated with solar power, but the panels are built to last. They tend to continue absorbing and storing energy for many years, and there’s little need to perform much in the way of regular maintenance to keep your system running for the long haul.

Saving Money

It’s possible to save quite a bit of money over time with solar energy. There will be a fairly substantial outlay with the initial purchase of the solar panels. However, this will hopefully be a one-time cost. With a traditional system that’s connected to the grid, you’ll have a monthly bill for as long as you own your home. Those monthly energy bills can stop or slow down significantly once you’ve purchased solar panels. With this drop in your monthly energy costs, you could save a great deal of money over the life of your solar panels. Once they start to wear out after a few decades, you could get a new system and build up your savings again.

Cutting Fossil Fuel Consumption

There will likely be some need for fossil fuels for the foreseeable future. However, these fuels do not renew themselves like solar or water power. Therefore, it is possible that Australia and other nations could wind up with more expensive fuel costs in the future as fewer barrels of oil are available on the world market. Additionally, fossil fuel costs are highly dependent upon geopolitical developments. Solar panels will continue to produce energy at a low cost no matter what happens on the world market for coal, oil or natural gas. There is no supply disruption when it comes to sunlight.

These are six of the top reasons why you might want to consider using solar power in your home. The environmental benefits are usually touted as helping ameliorate the effects of climate change. Lower levels of pollution are definitely a benefit that’s associated with solar energy. However, there are also financial benefits that can make a switch to solar economically worthwhile.


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