Latest Knife Sharpening Techniques That You Should Learn!

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Knives are essential utensils in every kitchen. It is important to keep the knives rust-free and sharp whether you own the best folding karambit or just your trusty kitchen knife. If you take care of it, then you can use it for a long time. Also, you should realize the fact that when it comes to safety, sharp knives are far safer than the ones which is not. How can you keep your knives sharper? Well, buy the latest knife sharpener available in the market for that.

The Basic Method

What is the most common method for sharpening the knives? Let’s take the example of knives that are meant for cutting wood. We sharpen such knives by grinding the edge on a very hard surface. That surface can be sandpaper or stone. But this is a very basic method for sharpening. You may want to try some advanced methods to ensure the sharpness. For improved sharpening, you can take the help of a strap or leather razor strop. For having sharp edges keeping a 30 degree angle while sharpening is highly recommended. However, when it comes to the typical knives, we opt for fifteen degrees.

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Types Of Knife Sharpeners


  • Handheld knife sharpeners.

As we have already seen, stones are the most used basic tool for sharpening knives. As far as the stones are concerned, they can come in various shapes or angles. There are different types of stones, be it Japanese water stone, diamond stones, Arkansas stones, ceramic stones, carburundum stones, etc. However, you should realize the fact that sharpening knives with stones is not at all an easy task. You definitely need skill for doing that.

How To Sharpen With The Stones

As stated before, sharpening knives with stones is not an easy thing. First and foremost, you should keep the edge of the blade symmetrical. First, rest the edge of the knife on the surface of the stone. Thereafter, you can move the knife in various directors, while applying pressure on the surface of the stone.

Widely Used Knife Sharpening Techniques


  • Ceramic Sharpeners: What ceramic sharpeners so popular is that they require only slight maintenance. There are two types of ceramics in use. The blue ceramics are used for regular sharpening whereas the white one is used for smoothing the blade.
  • Electric Knife Sharpeners: They are very easy to use compared to other ones. They work very effectively. Such sharpeners come with multi stages. Most importantly, they offer polishing. They also offer rough grade grits. The ease of use is the most significant thing about them that people love.

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  • Handheld Sharpeners: The good thing about them is that you can use them more intuitively. You can see that it comes with a pre-set angle. And due to which, you will be able to replace the blades. There are so many types of handheld sharpeners in the market today and you should totally go for them.
  • Grinders: If you have a dull knife, then nothing works like grinders. However, ever since the introduction of electric knife sharpeners, the popularity of grinders has got affected.

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