Guide On Different Stainless Steel Sinks for Your Home

Last Updated on March 14, 2022 by Kravelv

There are different kinds of sinks and bowls available in the market for your kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen is the most important place for your home. The kitchen sink is the center point of focus in the kitchen. Many people consider sinks as the most important part of the kitchen and so they research to get the best one for the place. It depends on your requirements, budget and interior to select the right one. Sinks must be functional to wash your hands, vegetables, fruits and at the same time these need to be big and beautiful. You can consider expensive ones or durable and affordable stainless steel sinks and bowls for the kitchen.

Types of Sinks Available

There are different kinds of sinks to look for built out of various materials. Some of them are:

You can always think about the durable and affordable stainless steel sinks and bowls for the kitchen. It is considered the most dependable and so very popular. They vary with gauzes (16-18) which mean the lower the gauze, thicker is the steel. Stainless steel bowls are big and these are easy to clean. The stainless steel sinks are resistant to rust and so very long lasting.


  • Fireclay

The fireclay sinks are made out of ceramic clay with porcelain enamel coating. These kinds of sinks are very expensive but very durable and high in strength. For traditional look you can choose this kind of sink for the kitchen.

  • Cast iron

The oldest and the most popular kind of sinks still used today are made out of cast iron. The body of such sinks is made out of bare iron with glossy porcelain enamel coating on them. This provides attractive look along with features like anti-rust and anti- stain. The sinks are quite tough and these provide resistance towards the wear and tear and scratches. But the sinks are heavier as well as expensive as compared to the durable and affordable stainless steel sinks and bowls.

  • Composite

The tough and durable composite sinks are made out of granite or quartz composite. These are very long lasting and these provide the same look and quality of real granite or quartz.

Based on the different styles the sinks can basically be of two types that is single bowl and double bowls. In the single ones there is one big basic to cover less space while in double there are two equal-sized bowls for better flexibility. You can also find some styles like:

  • Farmhouse

Also known as apron sinks these sinks offer the country style of look to the kitchen. A section of the counter is replaced with the large front facing farmhouse sink. Counter needs to be designed for incorporating the expensive yet stylish sink. Stainless steel or composite models in single or double basin can be selected.

  • Top Mount

The drop-in sinks have rims that support the sink put on the hole created on the counter. You can easily install such kind of sinks with no requirement for internal support. But they don’t offer any style to the kitchen.

  • Under Mount

Such sinks are mounted below the counter with no lip or rim for support. Although the sink looks contemporary and is easy to use and clean still you need to work a lot to install it. It is expensive as well and there is a need to cut holes for faucets and other attachments.


Tips on Buying Sinks

  • Always look for the fine quality material that is durable, strong and long lasting. Stainless steel ones are great for the kitchen as they are very tough and are anti-rust.
  • Make sure which kind of style you want the sink to be that matches your décor of the house.
  • Cost is one important factor to consider. Stainless steel sinks are considerable cheaper as compared to other sinks.