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Pigeon and Poodle: The Next Level Interior Accessories

Take the interior design of your home or office on to a whole new level by putting Pigeon and Poodle accessories! Belle and June offer a whole lot of choices that are surely going to be a great addition to your homes and offices.

There are various designs and kinds for you to choose from. This article will guide on the designs that you might find perfect for your interior design needs.

Pigeon and Poodle Home and Office Accessories

The Atwater Bath Set in Antique Gold

With this, your bathroom will be exuding with exquisite taste. This updated Atwater bath collection is going to add a daring dash of vintage chic to your bathroom. Along with an antique mirror that this trimmed with wonderfully textured gold-leafed wood, this will evoke a very charming cool. With this brand new gold-antiqued mirror, it will surely bring a wonderfully warm touch to your bathroom.

This Atwater bath set is in antique gold color and is made out of antique mirror material.

Because this product is handmade, it is but essential that you also treat this product with the care that they deserve if you wish to preserve the aesthetic of this product for a long time. If you are going to clean this product make sure that you use only a damp, soft cloth with mild soap. This is not safe for dishwasher and it should also not be cleaned using harsh chemicals or detergent.

The Crosby Desk Accessories in Sand Color

If you are one who loves faux shagreen for your study or office, then this is going to be a perfect addition for you. This has a complementary wood veneer accent. The Crosby accessories have a fetching finish that is perfect for any desk or workspace. This will definitely bring the organization on to a new level of sophistication.

This Crosby desk accessory comes in sand color and is made out of faux shagreen material.

This is also a handmade product so better make sure that you only use mild soap and a damp soft cloth whenever you clean the product.

The Crosby Desk Blotter and Mouse Pad in Mushroom Color

This is another great selection for all faux shagreen lovers out there. With this, you will be able to add an extra flair to your office table by putting up this Crosby desk blotter and mouse pad.

This product is in mushroom color and is also made out of faux shagreen material. The dimension of the desk blotter is 30 inches wide and 18 inches long, while the dimension of the mouse pad is 9 inches wide and 8 inches long.

The Crosby Waste Basket in Mushroom Color

Who says wastebaskets cannot be classy? Maintain your office or home’s flare by putting this wastebasket to your homes. This is also in mushroom color thus making it compatible to your mushroom colored office or home theme and is also made out of faux shagreen material.

The dimension of the Crosby wastebasket is 11 inches by 11 inches by 14 inches.

The Basel Frame in Young Pen Color

This Basel frame in young pen color is resonant of tortoise. This is also going to be a great addition to your home and office accessories as it comes with a classy pattern thereby giving you a tasteful air to any image or decoration.

This Basel frame is in a young pen color and is made out of shell material. There are three dimensions of these Basel frames, the 4×6 frame is 6 wide and 8 inches long, while the 5×7 frame is 7 inches wide and 9 inches long, while the 8×10 frame is 10 inches wide and 12 inches long.

The Salerno Bath Set in Natural Color

This is a perfect addition to your bathroom accessories. The striped pattern will surely make your bathroom pop. The glow of the capiz shell of the Salerno bath set along with its natural look of rattan is surely going to make a perfect pair of glamour and coastal casual.

This bath set is in a natural color and is made out of capiz shell and rattan materials.

This is another delicate product that has been meticulously handmade, thus it should also be properly taken care of.

The Napali Round Boxes in Dark Gray Color

This round box reveals an organic pattern that is made out of the strands of woven water hyacinth. It also has a shiny finish which adds to the luxurious and natural feel that you want for your office and desk decoration.

This comes in dark gray color and is made out of poly hemp.

The Positano Magazine Holder in Silver Leaf Color

If you want your desk to become the epitome of efficiency and sophistication then this Positano magazine holder might just be perfect for you. This has a reflective antiqued façade along with all other Positano collection.

The silver-leafed trim detail of this magazine holder will surely provide an aura of sweetness and feminine touch. This is sold in multiples of two and is in silver leaf color with antique mirror as its material.

The Dalton Whitewash Bathroom Collection

Take the tropics to your bathroom with this addition. With the Dalton Whitewash bathroom collection, you will be able to achieve that nab beachfront style either with or without an ocean view. This bathroom collection is naturally dyed and is composed of tightly woven rattan which adds a magnificently organic element to it. In this item, you will be able to see the distinction that is in the details with its beautifully stitched corners, striking patterns, and even round wastebasket that features a lovely reversed-tapered base to it.

With Belle and June, you surely will have a lot in store to choose from, all ranging from different materials of high quality, along with great designs and concepts. Redecorating your home or office is not going to be the same as you dive into the options that you will be getting from Belle and June’s home décor.

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