No-fail Window Replacement: How Professionals Do It

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It’s a simple truth: you can’t be too careful, especially with an investment as important as replacement windows. With the kind of funds and time you’re likely to devote to a window replacement remodel, coupled with just how important windows are to your home’s overall functioning and performance, it’s important to know that you’re getting the best possible value for your money. If you’re already taking the time to purchase the best windows you can buy, then it makes sense to hire the best people to install them for you, too, doesn’t it?

Step One: An In-home Consultation

No two homeowner’s window needs will be exactly alike, and it’s in seeing to and satisfying clients’ different expectations that sets a great company aside from one that’s just better than average. By taking the time to visit your home before the job actually starts, professional window installers are able to inspect the prospective job site, and take note of any features and problems that might affect the installation of your new windows come installation day.

At the same time, taking into consideration the fact that no two clients’ homes are exactly alike, they are able to take custom measurements for the windows they’ll be installing in your home. While windows certainly are available in off-the-rack models, if you want to get the most out of your new windows then you’ll want ones that are specially made just for you. By customizing windows to your exact specifications, you get the best mix of beautiful design and reliable function.

It’s Installation Day!

Once your new windows are ready for installation, the company will contact you to schedule a day for them to come over and install them for you.

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Installing your new windows isn’t just a matter of popping the old ones off and sticking the new ones in. The first thing the crew will do is to make sure the job area is ready for your new windows. This includes moving furniture and other items out of the way, and making sure that there’s room enough for the work crew to maneuver. Similarly, your furniture and other items — flower beds, walkways, and other areas and items that could be damaged — will be covered over to minimize the chance of breakage or other damage.

Once everything is prepped, it becomes a simple matter to remove your old windows and install the new ones. With your new, specially-made windows, few problems should come up in the installing. After they are installed, your windows will be tested to ensure proper operation. If no problems arise, they are then sealed with insulating foam to keep your home airtight. Once the insulating foam sets, it will be covered with window trim to finish the job.

Cleaning Up

You didn’t think, with your new windows installed in their frames, that the crew would just up and leave, did you? Yes, installation is done, but no, the job’s not quite finished yet.

Once they’ve made sure your windows are working properly, each and every window will be cleaned, and the glass polished. The crew then makes sure to pick up after themselves, taking all the tools, equipment, and any debris that resulted from the job away with them. Your furniture and other belongings are moved back to how they were before the installation and, finally, the crew is free and clear to depart, leaving you with your brand-new, perfect windows.

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Finding the Right Contractor for the Job

Picking out the right contractor to install your windows is just as important as choosing the right windows. So what should you be looking for in a contractor?

First, make sure they’re properly licensed and bonded, ensuring that they are compliant with any local state licensing requirements. It’s easy enough to check out the company’s website to look up their credentials, including checking a contractor’s. If the bonding company is not listed, you can ask a contractor for that information.

Just as important as licensing is experience. While you’re checking out the company, look up whether their crews are properly trained and certified for the job; you don’t want just anyone trying to install your new windows, after all. Look for window experts that have been in business for a long time, and who’ve built a good relationship with their community. They’re the ones most likely to have both positive referrals, as well as past job sites you can visit and check out to see just what kind of work they do.

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Lastly, make sure that any window professional you hire is properly insured. A respectable company will have both workman’s compensation and liability coverage, just in case something unexpected happens. Similarly, look for a company that’s willing to offer good terms on a warranty. Typically, product and craftsmanship warranties will be offered separately but the two should complement each other.

Window replacement doesn’t have to overwhelm. Work with the right window expert in your area and everything will be all right.


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Larry Landes is the owner and president of Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey-New York Metro. He’s been in the window replacement industry for decades and credits his success to working with a great company that puts customers first. For updates from Larry, check out the company blog!


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