Professional Window Installation:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Efficient Window Replacement

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Ever wondered why professional window replacement brings better results than the average DIY replacement? It’s because they work sure, work fast, and live little room for error. These experts replace windows in the most efficient way possible. Here’s a closer look at how the pros work on window replacements.

Step 1 – Taking the Right Measurements

One of the biggest reasons why DIY replacement takes longer is that adjustments during installation take a lot of time, sometimes even requiring people to go back a few steps to undo a mistake. Pros don’t run into this problem because they have the right measurements off the bat with which to base your window replacement on.

Step 2 – Having Ample Equipment

Aside from their skills and experience, pros have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out a window installation and they’ll bring everything they need on installation day to ensure the job begins without trouble. This will include their own power supply for the tools and equipment they will be using.


Step 3 – Preparing the Home

When pros get your home, they don’t start the window installation right away. Rather, they will be prepping your home first, making sure that the work area is clear by moving furniture away to create space. Covers will also be provided to protect your furniture pieces from debris. Ensuring the work area is prepped right not only facilitates the installation by giving the pros enough room to move in but also helps in preventing your furniture from being damaged.

Step 4 –  Installing and Checking the Window

With your old windows removed and your home ready, it is now time to have your replacement windows installed. Window installation is actually a straightforward process but it does require an expert’s touch when adjustments have to be made, like when a window is unlevel. After a replacement window is set in place and level, it will be tested to ensure proper operation. If everything is in order, the process can now move on to the next step.


Step 5 – Weatherproofing the Window

Even when a window is level and accurately measured to match an opening, it will still have gaps between it and your walls. Working with the pros will leave you with the smallest gaps possible but these are gaps nonetheless so they will have to be sealed using insulating foam. Insulating foam is applied throughout a window’s perimeter for a weatherproof seal.

Step 6 – Completing the Look

Great as it may be in weatherproofing your new windows, insulating foam is not pretty. Even when properly applied, it detracts to a window’s appearance because it does not match the frame. To address this cosmetic concern, pros use trims to cover insulating foam. Trims are available in various colors and finishes so there’s sure to be one that will complement your home’s interior. After that, it’s just a matter of polishing the glass for that fresh new window look. professional-window-installation3

Step 7 – Cleaning Up

Your new windows are up but there’s still work to be done on your home. The pros may be window experts but they are also quite adept in cleaning up after themselves, clearing all debris and moving back furniture to where they were before the installation. Once cleanup is done, it will look like as it was, except you now have new windows to boast of.

Window replacement can offer you a number of benefits, especially when done right. To learn more about replacing your windows, don’t hesitate to give your local window professional a call today.


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Kenneth Biddle has been in the window industry for over 30 years. Currently part of Renewal by Andersen of Dallas and Ft. Worth as general manager, he works with a team of highly trained window experts offering reliable products and services to the community. For updates from Kenneth, check out the company blog!


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