What To Do When Your Key Is Stuck In The Lock Of Your Home


Locking yourself out is a silly mistake that many people make. Sometimes you forget the key inside the house, while other times, the key can get stuck in the lock. Even so, on the days when you are exhausted and wish for nothing but to rest, locking yourself out can get really frustrating.

Well, a spare key might come in handy if you have forgotten the key. However, if the key gets stuck, you can try the following quick fixes provided that nothing is broken “inside” the lock.

key stuck in the lock

Otherwise, it can get pretty challenging to get inside the house without professional help. In fact, contacting a mobile locksmith is a more reliable and practical solution. They have the right tools as well as the knowledge to remove the key.

Even so, sometimes easy fixes also do the job. So let’s learn!

Push The Plug

The keyhole plug in a pin tumbler lock is only a part of the locking cylinder. In simple terms, it is the face of the plug that is visible to you and the area where your key is stuck. The lock mechanism is made in such a way that if this plug gets loose, the pin tumbles don’t get aligned, causing difficulty in removing the key. In such a scenario, try to:

  • Push the key as far as possible (but do not force the key)
  • Turn it to put the keyway slot in the correct position.
  • Using the fingertips of your other hand, push the face of the plug next to the key.
  • Gently twist and remove the key.

Make sure to apply light pressure while turning and pulling the key.

Lubricate The Lock

In most cases, the reason behind the key getting stuck is because the lock gets sticky. To remove this stickiness, you need to lubricate it every once in a while.

Therefore, you should try using the spray lubricant with a straw nozzle. The nozzle helps in reaching the tight space of the keyhole, thus properly lubricating the cylinder. After spraying a generous amount of product, try to wiggle the key out.

Once out, clean it properly to avoid future sticking. Also, make sure to smooth out any sharp points in the key itself.

Call Professionals

If these fixes don’t seem to be working, it is better to stop trying them and contact the professionals. Otherwise, excessive twisting can make the situation worse. In fact, you might end up breaking the key, which will make your situation worse.

Your local locksmith will provide instant service, and if required, they can also repair or replace the old lock. Not to mention, a new lock system will elevate your house’s protection.

To Sum It All Up!

These are some easy ways to remove the key. However, it would be better to keep the lock lubricated to avoid the same scenarios in the future. Also, always carry a spare key with you or give it to your neighbor to avoid locking yourself out. Plus, always stay in contact with a local locksmith so that they can help you get inside.

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