Matching Windows and Homes: Achieving Curb Appeal with Visual Style

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Curb appeal is a big deal. It’s a crucial factor in how your home is valued, which indirectly affects how attractive your home will be on the market as well as the ultimate selling price you can get for your property.  But even when you’re not looking to sell, achieving curb appeal can increase your satisfaction in your home, helping make everyday life pleasant. There are different ways to achieve curb appeal, one of which entails matching your windows to your home, which we will be discussing here.

What to Consider

There are no real hard and fast rules when it comes to matching windows and homes but there are some considerations you can use to guide you. For the most part, you can find a match that works by following these guidelines while applying your personal preferences. Those are your windows and your home, after all. Ultimately, you should go for what works for you and suits your personal style.

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Architectural Style

Generally, more modern homes are great with windows without embellishments or feature broad swathes of glass. More traditional homes, on the other hand, work well with windows with more ornate designs or highlight symmetrical arrangement. However, there are also instances when certain window styles are particularly suited for certain home styles.

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Case in point: casement windows typically suit homes with modern style. Bay and bow windows, however, despite using multiple casements, work better for Victorian homes. Traditional double hung windows boast of a timeless design that works with just about any style of home, while sliding windows are more suited to Gothic properties.

Going with What Works                                          

If you’re more interested in restoring your windows versus completely replacing them, there is no harm in simply getting new windows of the same style. If you’re looking to update your home with a different window style though, don’t forget to take into consideration existing design elements in your home, like textures, finishes, trim and your roofing and siding. Go for a window that complements these elements and you won’t go wrong with matching windows to your home.

Fitting Form to Function

Windows at their most basic are there to provide both light and ventilation.  Keep in mind what the interior spaces the windows are attached to are for.  While double hung windows work very well for windows looking out into the street, a bow or bay window could serve to enhance the view from an upper floor.  Similarly, if you happen to have a nice view out back, you might want to consider a picture window to frame the view or large glass sliding windows for areas overlooking porches.

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The Beauty of a Window in a Home

Windows are foremost functional components in your home but that doesn’t mean they can’t be utilized for aesthetics. Whether your needs are fueled by concerns over function or desire for form, there’s sure to be a window that will address your needs exactly. Make your home stand out today by talking to a local contractor about replacing your windows.


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